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#1 critter on 3 years ago

Hello! I'll be holding private photoshoots at Otakon this year! The tentative price is $8 for 6 photos. If you would like more, however, we can discuss costs.

-Cash only
-I can edit and retouch the photos for an additional fee of $1. If this isn't applicable, I will just send the raw files to you.
-I won't shoot outside the confines of the Baltimore Convention Center. This is for safety reasons. Anywhere in or on the BCC is fine, though.
-Feel free to tell me about the character you're cosplaying beforehand, it may actually help when it comes to setting tone or compostion.
-Please let me know if you have any requests or preferences when it comes to posing and angles! I want to highlight what you personally thinks looks the best about you.

I'll be posting a few sample pictures momentarily.