Vampire Hunter D Lefty temp tattoos

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#1 Emmejo on 1 year ago

*Price reduced 11/30!*

I got these as part of the Kickstarter for the VHD:Message to Mars comic, but probably won't use them. I figured they might be useful to a D cosplayer looking for a sturdy, unobtrusive way to do Left Hand's face. There are 6 temporary tattoos, with 2 different expressions.

Photo here: [url][/url]

If you have any skin sensitivities and want to know what they are made with, I can snap a picture of the ingredient list on the back.

I am asking $7 for them, with free worldwide shipping included. PayPal is preferred for payment, but if you need a different method, message me and let's work something out. I will consider trades, but will be moving soon, so I may be picky about what I can take.