Two wigs for sale, one purple and one teal.

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#1 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Hey guys,

I previously posted an ad to sell my teal/turquoise wig and I'm reposting the ad along with another wig I have. As the title says, I'm selling two wigs: One long, layered purple wig and a short, layered teal blue wig.

The Teal wig:

- Is short and layered.
- Originally from Lightinthebox.
- Was planning to use for a previous cosplay, but waay off on the colour that I actually needed.
- The sewing at the crown of the wig is sewed awkwardly, but can be combed to be covered.
- Fibers are decent to work with.

The Purple wig:
[Please excuse the mess. If this wig sells, I will comb it before sending it to you, and will be shipped out braided.]
- Was originally used for my Ruri Kurosaki wig (you can check out my gallery for extra photos or can ask me) however this wig is too silky to hold up to the hairstyle that she has.
- The wig is silky, soft and good quality fibers (and heat resistant). Total length reaches the back.
- Has wavy layers.
- Also from Lightinthebox.

[U]Other notes:[/U]
- Please note, I recommended these wigs to somebody who can fit into a wig cap that's under 23". I had a problem with coverage with the purple one, and I have dark hair.
- Prefer to sell together.
- $15 for the two wigs together; I'll get to you on shipping. Shipping is from Canada.
- Any other questions, just pm me.

#2 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

I completely forgot to list this wig when I first posted this, so instead of me making a new listing I'm boosting my own thread.

As the title says I'm selling my old Coscom wig, the Clover in Butterscotch Blonde. If memory serves, it's the...long one? (Can't access the wig shop to be sure since it's under maintenance but I'm sure it's that one.) It has been slightly styled, worn to a few events then returned to its original form and it's still in good condition.
It's a good wig, my only thing is that it's too small for my head. So as with the first 2 wigs, it's recommended for those who can fit a 21" wig cap.

$10 plus shipping.


#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

Yet another wig that's too small for my head (and boosting my own thread again, as well)'s a long story. As the title says, this is a Jeannie (21") that I custom dyed purple and with bangs cut, but in person is a tad more vibrant, and in yellowish light makes the wig look purple-pink. I also have the clip-in ponytail, but it remains in original condition if anyone is interested. Prefer to sell together because they're meant to worn together (I only purchased this wig due to the style I needed minus the clip-in ponytail and was sent the wrong size. Also, apologies for the slightly messy wig. If you want it, I'll comb it before sending it out).
Price is $20 for both the wig and clip-in, plus shipping. Shipping is from a non-smoking, pet free home in Canada. Any questions, please feel free to ask.


This wig has been temporarily delisted.