How to improve my Koto cosplay? (Yu Yu Hakusho)

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#1 RazorRain on 2 years ago

I posted this in the critique section too but it looks a little dead over there..

I've been told multiple times now that my Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho cosplay isn't very good and I'm at a loss at how to improve it.
I asked my friend what she thought was wrong with it and she said the wig. But I'm pretty sure I couldn't get a wig much closer to the hairstyle. Other than the shirt, which I admit is a little wonky from a bad sew job, I thought I did a pretty good job getting pretty close to what the character looks like. Apparently not :P
Oh and I did get a better tail than the one in the picture.
Here's the character: [url][/url]

Here's my cosplay: [url][/url]

Any input is appreciated. Thanks

#2 lunaflora on 2 years ago

It looks fine, there's justseveralthings i want to say about it. The fabric weight is important to consider when making your costume. The shorts seem to be more if a denim or other more mid/heavyweught fabric. The tie also needs to be a fabric with more body and the collar does as well. THthe fabric in for the collar is too thin, making you be able to see through it and cheapening the look. It also needs more body.
I understand not being able to find the right fabric in the right weight with the right color you need, or you can't afford all of the materials needed so sometimes you have to just make do with it and make it work.
In general, just use interfacing in things that need more body if the fabric itself doesn't have enough. That's not to say you need to interface everything, but things like collars and ties sould at least have a light weight interfacing. Try a tricot interfacing.
Pressing so everything is flat and crisp heighten the appearance of collars and things alot.

#3 Scunosi on 2 years ago

I'm not really sure exactly what about it isn't very good, so I'm surprised you've been told that multiple times. You've got almost all her details down; the only thing I can tell you're missing is makeup or prosthetics for her whiskers, which would be a good detail to think about adding. Even if they're just drawn on as long as they're penciled nicely it'll add to the character.

I think the unfortunate thing is Koto's just not a very involved cosplay. There's not a lot going on with her that would really "wow" most people even if you did her perfectly accurately. So other than generalized improvements as mentioned above by Luna, there's not going to be much else you can do without adding new made-up embellishments to her.

I would say the areas with the biggest room for improvement would be wig and makeup and the tail, but you already are aware of that as you stated. And I only say makeup not because you look bad or anything, but because maybe you could try pushing the anime look a little more or something. But overall I think it's a perfectly fine cosplay, it just needs a little ironing.

#4 RazorRain on 2 years ago

Thank you both for replying, I appreciate it :)

@luna: I agree, I definitely need to find new fabric for the top as it was a last minute white t-shirt and some thin yellow fabric lol. And new shorts because the ones in the picture no longer fit unfortunately >_<

@Scunosi: Another poster on the critique form also recommended some more makeup, so I'll definitely look into that. And they also told me about a wig I should look into, and I like it a lot better than my current one. It's this one: [url][/url]. Would that one be an improvement?

Thank you both again for your input

#5 Scunosi on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=RazorRain;5059762]@Scunosi: Another poster on the critique form also recommended some more makeup, so I'll definitely look into that. And they also told me about a wig I should look into, and I like it a lot better than my current one. It's this one: [url][/url]. Would that one be an improvement?[/QUOTE]
I don't think it'd be bad, but Koto has cute little "puffs" of hair on the sides so I'd actually go with something longer on the sides. Remember you can cut off excess hair but it's tricky to add "just a little" extra hair to a too-short wig. I'd recommend the Diana or Aura personally, maybe the Chronos if you really think the others would be too much hair. Really the only benefit you're getting with the Apollo is it's pre-styled, but since she just has lightly "puffy" hair you won't have to do too much styling other than ruffling things a bit and padding out the sides.

Also the Copper Red doesn't look like a bad color choice but keep Cocoa Brown as an option, too. Wig color is a more subjective thing, some people will choose less accurate colors if the shade looks better with their skin so feel free to fudge it a bit for whatever looks good on you. I think the main difference is the Cocoa is a little more yellow while the Copper is more red (obviously). They're incredibly similar shades.