Ichimatsu Sweatshirt!

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#1 doubledarcy on 2 years ago


The second image is a link to Ichimatsu if you aren't sure what he looks like! ( :


So I have two hoodies for Ichimatsu Matsuno! But I have no clue which one looks/fits better and I was hoping I could have some guidance from you guys? It would be a HUGE help!

#2 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

The colors on the left on seem to match better to me. Whether that's a trick of the light or the camera, it's hard to say. Fitwise, I'd go with the right one.

#3 Scunosi on 2 years ago

The one on the left looks pink to me. The right one looks almost grey which isn't quite right either but I think it still comes out closer to the desired purple/lavender color.

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