Oily skin under body paint

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#1 itspidge on 2 years ago

Hello all!

I've recently started cosplaying Starfire from Teen Titans, so I've been painting pretty much my entire body orange. I've noticed that on the first day, my makeup stays like a dream and my face stays nice and matte, but on any subsequent days, my face looks like I dipped it in orange oil and the paint does.not.stay.on. I've tried priming my face, but that hasn't helped at all. I tried not washing my face before application and just plotting it down, and I also tried just washing my face beforehand. I saw someone suggest using a similar coloured eyeshadow on the oiliest parts of the face, but that didn't seem to help either.
The makeup I'm using is Mehron in orange, and the primer I used was Benefit pore perfector or something like that. Should I try a setting powder? Would baby powder be sufficient? I should say that I dont normally wear face makeup, so I dont know if this is a typical reaction or not.

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago

You should be using setting powder or spray, anyway, to prevent rub-off. Powder will definitely help matte-ify youre makeup and increase the staying power.

#3 Sweet Loretta on 2 years ago

Which Mehron prodcut are you using, Parardise face & body paint, StarBlends pressed powders or CreamSticks grease paint?

First off I suggest you stop using the primer. That primer is making the makeup slide. Any of these lines of makeup by Mehron's do not need the primer to work. Instead simply be sure you start with clean skin, not simply washed skin but skin free of oils. try a simple witch hazel to remove any oils from your skin. Then apply the makeup. Only the CreamSticks will require a setting powder, needed if fact to absord the oils and make the makeup stay put. Face paint does not need to be set, nor do StarBlend which can be applied wet or dry.

Keeping some rice paper with you to lightly blot can help. This can be tricky depending on which line of makeup you are using as you do ot want to lift the makeup off. If you are using Paradise you should have no problem.

You may do well with barrier like Mehron's SkinPrep Pro (made for the face) or even (sweat) Barrier Spray (for body applications with a high alcohol content but can be used on the face).

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