Chibi wing help for Satan? //Devilman spoilers inside//

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#1 cozysleepysheep on 8 months ago

Hello everyone! So this Anime Blues con I'm planning on going as Ryo from Devilman Crybaby. But since I'm extra, gay, and like torturing myself and my bank account, I'm going as his satanic version.

If you've seen the show you know Ryo is Satan and has a total of 12 wing. Two on his head, eight going down his back, and two on his ankles. Now I have a pretty good idea on how I'm going to do the head and ankles, and heck even the back, but I need help with more of the construction and just general opinions. Because that's a lot of wings to go on one back!

I'm planning on making them all "chibi" wings. I can't really make full out wings in three months. I don't want to buy the wings, especially if they're from somewhere like party city. And it's suppose to be a more silly/"casual" cosplay. Me and my partner (going as Akira) are going to be wearing t-shirts, shorts/pants, having a few small props (our phones, pocky, maybe a burger idk) so I don't really mind the wings looking cute. I'm planning on making them look almost like fursuit wings. More specifically angel dragon wings.

Sorry this was so long! I'm just trying to challenge myself this year to get better as my cosplays and I could sure use the help! Thank you!!! :angel:

#2 Penlowe on 8 months ago

A picture or link would help a lot, but I think I have a general idea.

Any kind of appendage: wings, horns, extra arms, tentacles, robot parts, etc. Needs a solid foundation underneath the clothing. The typical set up for girls doing fairy or angel wings is a longline bra or corset/ waist trainer type garment* that a long loop of wire that is part of the wings slides down into. This will work for you with several small pairs of wings connected together in one wired piece for the part of your back that starts at the base of your shoulder blades, but not so much your upper back. This leaves a fair number of experiments ahead of you.

I recommend the following testing system:
- go to your nearest big box store and buy this: [url][/url] note this is 14 gauge, that's a good size for wings. You also need some pliers and or wire cutters [url][/url] This has cutters and a narrow tip.
- Get a close fitting garment along the lines of a waist trainer, maybe an under armor shirt, etc. It's ok to look second hand.
- cut off several yards of wire. Get a friend to help you straighten it out (it'll be really curly off the spool). Fold it in half, make off a section roughly the same length as your undergarment, then make several loops roughly the size you want the wings with the rest. Fold your long section over so you can slip it inside the garment. Try it on. It will NOT be comfortable! but this is just a test, so two minutes won't be an issue.
- Have your friend adjust the wires (unless you're a contortionist) and make note of what works and doesn't. You might need a different undergarment. You might be able to reinforce it. You might decide it's a terrible idea. At this point it's how creative you are but the cost in is fairly minimal.

*modern spandex with a little bit of light boning will suffice. [url][/url] or these are lighter weight [url][/url]

#3 Scunosi on 8 months ago

You're going to run into physical space and weight issues with that many wings, so if it were me I wouldn't even go the regular route of wire. I'd look into how Yaya Han does her [URL=""]mass-produced wings[/URL] (she sells them every year at Sakuracon so I'm used to seeing them by now). They look like basic craft foam wings ("industrial foam" per her site) that should be light enough you could even pin or clip them onto something. I'd also think about maybe graduating the wing sizes to conserve space, with them getting smaller as they go down your back, or whatever may look appropriate for the character. If they're all full-size they may not fit.

As far as wearing them, I'm not sure what kind of top you had planned but if you go the foam route I imagine they'd be light enough you could just run elastic around your torso rather than over your shoulders, and have the wings pop out of small holes on the back (obviously run the elastic through the hole rather than forcing the wing out of the hole). Or like I said see if they're light enough to just be pinned or clipped, but that would likely pull too much on whatever you're wearing and sag.