5 Wigs (4 Arda Wigs) For Sale!

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#1 bshounen on 1 year ago

Hi! I’m looking to sell five rarely worn wigs!
First, I would like to clarify I generally do not ship out of the USA. If you’re international though, we can discuss what shipping cost may be, but just know they will go up.
I ship within 1-3 business days!
Just in case, I do live in a house with a dog! Hopefully this isn’t an issue!


Wig #1 - SOLD

Wig #2
This is an Arda lulu wig in silver. It has never been used nor tried on, and still in packaging. Great condition, and took it out of the bag to show the color in natural lighting.
$25 + $8 for shipping

Wig #3
This is another Arda lulu wig in a warm light brown. This wig has been worn once, and still in great condition!
$22 + $8 for shipping

Wig #4
This is a wig bought from taobao. It’s never been worn except to try on, and would fit better for those with a smaller head. Perfect condition.
$10 + $8 for shipping

Wig #5
Another Arda wig, which is venus in the color plum. Worn twice all day. It’s in great condition, and the ends have been styled but can be straightened if that’s the look you need.
$30 + $10 for shipping

Feel free to contact me through here or through twitter (@tenirzam) where I'm usually active!

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