Bulking up a Mechanical Golem

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#1 Silvestra on 2 years ago


I'm currently working on a larp costume that basically boils down to playing a mechanical golem like character. I have loads of ideas and methods for how I'll actually do the majority of this, but I'm lacking in an idea fundamental to the suit.

I'm an extremely skinny guy, and I want this piece to be quite large and imposing. I'm not talking stilts or anything, as that'd be impractical for combat and running around, but something with a broad chest and shoulders.

Given how skinny I am, I'm struggling to come up with an easy, lightweight way to do this. I've debated building it on to an American Football armour thing, or something similar, but I wondered if anyone had any experience with something more suitable.

Some reference pictures for what I'm talking about:

I've never really built anything before, so this is an ambitious project, but I'm hoping to end up with something awesome, lightweight, and most of all, wearable comfortable for up to 15 hours a day for a weekend.

Many thanks!

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

the bad news:
The notion that one can wear any kind of very covering costume along these lines outside in even the best weather is insanity, 2 hours tops, with 30 minute breathers with the entire upper torso removed is more realistic. In summer, cut that down to 45 minutes.

The good news:
That doesn't mean you can't make a golem costume for your LARP, just that you must go about it very, very differently than one to be worn indoors just standing around at a con.

First, have lots and lots of tiny holes for air flow, maybe use athletic mesh (1) as a base material instead of some solid fabric like spandex or twill.

Second, I'd do all soft fabric construction (2) and paint in all the mechanical bits. Mostly because this will allow maximum movement without worrying if you are going to break a hose or a gear or whatever. If it's all pillows, no biggie, you're even padded if you fall.

Third, a framework to create bulk is a good idea, and football or hockey pads are a good choice. If you add pieces to the shoulders to broaden the whole body, you can create the golem torso to hang out away from your body instead of hugging it, thus also increasing your wear comfort. (3)

1) [url]https://www.fabric.com/buy/0307180/team-spirit-athletic-mesh-black[/url]
2) http://www.partycity.com/product/toddler+boys+hulk+muscle+costume+classic.do?kwid=toddler boys hulk muscle costume classic - Size - 3T-4T&qcid=&ref=ci&extcmp=pla|Google
3) [url]http://www.instructables.com/id/Shower-Costume/[/url] not quite that silly, but the concept holds.

#3 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

id think frame work and harness should be enough, that way theres no stuffing
or sport equip,

the idea would be to create a sturdy shoulder pad and build a "ribcage"
type frame and have a few support struts anchored to a harness

then, making sure you dont obstruct the supports
you can build your armour onto the framework

having the shoulder pad a bit bigger than your actual shoulder length
should give the arms an "inset" look which could pair nice with the golem/construct

if you try to go much wider then your own shoulder length, you end up with
t-rex arms, and if you increase your chest/back vollume too much
you end up looking like a really stubby boat

my thoughts would be to stick to ~2-3in increase at shoulder, and 5-8in increase
of torso front and 2-3 torso back as a initial maximim (till you can mock up how it looks on your body)
then youll have to carry out a vollume increase through out the outfit
(basically in the realm of maschot or mecha builds)

a 2-3in increase in diameter for legs and 1-2 for arms

i believe if you can get response from a maschot or mecha cosplay/builder
you should be able to get more insite as far as
frameup, "climate control", hydration, and bathroom adjustments

only such cosplayer im aware of with recent activity is marthony, i believe,
who has done a few transformers builds, if your nice about it
you might be able to private message him and get some pointers

but first id give this thread a few more days to see what comes up,

#4 Marthony on 1 year ago

Silvesra, post again if you're still seeking to build this.