Meeting new Cosplayers

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#1 Gnomig on 3 years ago

Hey everyone, my name is Trent, 32yr, and this will be my 3rd year at Megacon. This was my starting point 3 years ago getting into cosplay and I love it. It would be great to get to know more people though to be able to see some friendly faces here on out!
I'll be dressed as Arkham Deathstroke as a Destiny Hunter hybrid this year. Feel free to say hello. Id love to get some photos and meet some Convention friends!

#2 ARRevolution on 3 years ago

I'm new but attending next year

#3 raxophen82 on 3 years ago


I'm Shay and kinda new to cosplaying. I will be attending MegaCon this year! I will be there on Saturday. Hopefully I can find some friends there and see you there too.

#4 ARRevolution on 3 years ago