[Help] - Anybody know how to make wigs puffy-ier for men?

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#1 dinosaurohs on 1 year ago

So I have a small issue when it comes to wigs. My cosplay looks good but I need my wig to be thicker. I have not experimented with it yet but was going o try volume with my wig but unsure. Or maybe is there a website where people buy their wigs where they're large and thick for crossplay. Might do a Tamamo crossplay if I can find out a way to make my wig thicker. Hope I was clear. Or maybe is there a website for certain wigs for crossplayers?
Thank you and I look forward to any responses :3

#2 Jei-Cos on 1 year ago

The best thing to do is buy 2 of the same wig, and sew the wefts from one onto the other. Making it twice the amount of fibers. You can also use hair spray to help keep it poofed up.Just hold the hair up and spray a little, and repeat all over it until it looks poofier.

#3 dinosaurohs on 1 year ago

Oh! Very insightful! I'll try that then, ty ty :3

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