Costume and Design Competition - Escape Velocity/Museum of Science Fiction 2018

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#1 nachtinis on 2 years ago

Hello friends,

General info:
What: A costume/costume design competition to be accompanied by a fashion show and technical evaluation.
When: Memorial Day weekend, May 25th-27th 2018
Where: Escape Velocity Convention, Gaylord National Resort, Oxon Hill MD
Why: Because we love seeing imagination becoming reality
Who: Presented by the Museum of Science Fiction, DC

As a celebration of the importance of fashion and costume design to creating rich worlds and expanding our imaginations, the Museum of Science Fiction is holding a costume competition and fashion show. This competition is open to all students, designers, costumers/cosplayers, and artists. People from the United States or abroad may participate.

The Museum of Science Fiction believes that costume design and construction is one of the most important interdisciplinary art forms of science fiction. The craft of costume design dissolves the false dichotomy between the arts and sciences. Designers use many different innovative techniques and technologies to engineer wearable art.

Entry Requirements
Each entry should include images of the design and the following items:

Design notes on materials, color choices, pattern choices, measurements, and other details
Images of individual aspects of the design, such as helmets, gloves, props, and any other accessories
Multiple photographic angles of the design
Project plan information, materials used, crafting techniques involved, and any other details
Pattern creations, descriptions, images, construction notes, or instructions

Run of competition will occur on an entry basis, that will be open for entries until April 15, 2018 finalists selected from those entries will be announced on a rolling basis, with the culmination of all finalists to be notified ending on April 30, 2018.

Finalists will be invited to present their design implementations at Escape Velocity 2018 ([url][/url]. When the entry is presented at Escape Velocity 2018, finalists do not need to wear their work, if a model is used (models are not eligible to receive award consideration). Prizes will only be awarded to the finalists, ther ewill be cash prizes, for more information please check out the website. All finalists will receive two Weekend Passes to Escape Velocity 2018.

The following award categories will be presented at Escape Velocity 2018:

Best In Show
Best Original Fashion/Costume Design/Construction
Best Reinterpreted Fashion/Costume Design/Construction
Best Young Adult/High School Design/Construction
Best Fashion/Costume Design Illustration or Photograph

Submission Procedure
Designs may be submitted in a combination of two formats. One being standard JPG image file format with no less than 300dpi per image. PDF format may also be used, we ask that A combination of JPG and PDF may also be submitted. To receive a registration number, you must complete the registration form.

The registration form, and more information can be found here: [url][/url]

The submitted file must not be larger than 5 MB and must include a registration number in the file name. Files may be submitted to: [email][email protected][/email]

Thanks for reading,
-Jason M
Director of Costuming and wardrobe
Museum of Science Fiction
[email][email protected][/email]

#2 nachtinis on 2 years ago

#3 nachtinis on 2 years ago

Another fun announcement, ANIME USA will be Joining us at Escape Velocity to put on our Anime Track!

#4 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

Thanks for posting this! I'll be entering since it's local and likely be attending the event since it looks very interesting.

#5 nachtinis on 2 years ago

Quick Announcement, the contest rules are being updated, to extend our registration times, so online registration is still highly encouraged, but we will also be taking registrations at the show all day friday.

#6 vonjankmon on 2 years ago

Any idea what time on Friday the costume judging will be?

#7 nachtinis on 2 years ago

Apologies for the late reply, the adjudication is slated for Saturday midday, tentatively starting at 11a