Metrocon Room!

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#1 eliseb808 on 2 years ago

Hello person reading this, My friend and I have a room at the Barrymore hotel which is approx. 1 mile from the convention center. We are looking for 2 people to room with us from Thursday to Sunday! The rate for each person will be about $100 for each person for the entire weekend, and the Barrymore also has a free shuttle that runs to and from the convention center.
If you are interested please contact me!

#2 VioletInfinity on 2 years ago

Hey do you still have room in your hotel?? The girl I was rooming with canceled last minute on me, I am comfortable sleeping on the floor and I can pay the 100$ its not a problem.. Please let me know..

#3 sabanknight on 2 years ago

She canceled on me too... Violet I still have not canceled my room, if we find a couple more we could make it economically work.