Cosplay Photographer CHEZPHOTO Now Booking

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#1 ChezPhoto on 2 years ago

Hi everyone, Riley of CHEZPHOTO here. I'm a photog with 7 years experience with cosplay; over the years I have been published in print internationally; featured on Arda, Kotaku, Cohaku; and have consistently held a 5 star rating from my beloved clients. I usually book to capacity at each con and would love to see what cosplayers are bringing this Memorial Day Weekend.

Solos, pairs, groups up to 15 welcome.

I'm officially booking Animazement.

If interested, read through this entire page [URL=""]here[/URL]. It includes ALL policies, pricing, slots, etc.



#2 Ouja Akuma on 2 years ago

I've always wanted to work with you (and you showed interest in my Bunny Xander on IG lol) but I cant pay for a shoot until mid May. :( ONE DAY I'LL HAVE MONEY RIGHT AWAY LOL.

But seriously your work is amazing and I love seeing what you produce.