New to cosplay, character help, specific hair style

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  • Hey everybody,

    I've been thinking about cosplay for a long time now but I dont know who I resemble, also finding someone with my hair style is pretty tough. You cant really tell from my profile photo but the sides are shaved.

    The only 2 characters that I know of would be Dagran from "The Last Story" video game and Kojirō Shinomiya from "Shokugeki no Soma" or "Food Wars"

    Id appreciate suggestions from pretty much any genre (anime, video games, movies, comics etc.).

    Im 26, 6'2, decent shape, blue/green eyes, brown hair

    Thanks for any help, it's very appreciated.

  • Welcome, dude! :D

    I finished reading your post and was about to say Mako from Legend of Korra, but his hair isn't shaved at the sides. That doesn't mean you can't still dress as him, all you have to spike your hair.
    Nightwing from DC Comics is another one that comes to mind, specifically the one from Batman: Animal Instincts to match your own hair (he doesn't have his hair shaved at the sides either but you can style your own hair and it'll still look pretty cool.)
    Marshall Lee from Adventure Time is another one, too.
    You can even do, if you don't mind doing it is gender bent versions of female characters with black hair (you can get away with brown), like Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, or Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill. There's no one way of doing gender bents, just as along as you have the major elements of the character it'll be fine.
    Hope this helps :)

    A few other ones that I thought of is Superman, any version of him will do, as well as Star Lord/Peter Quill from Marvel Comics (or live-action, up to you.)
    Male Wonder Woman would be pretty awesome too :D

  • So..You don't mentioned it....But why not just wear a wig like everyone else....

  • Maybe i dont want to conform to your society............haha jk. Ill most likely use one later but as for right now i dont really want to. I will cosplay hisoka from hunter x hunter at some point and that will require a wig.

  • If you can't find someone with your hair, then wigs are the best thing to use! :)

  • I can't totally tell from the photo-- do you have both sides shaved? Or just one? If you've got both, you could look for characters with undercut hair.

    One option is [URL=""]Shiro[/URL] from the new Voltron, but you'd have to account for the white part. There's also [URL=""]Neptune from RWBY[/URL], but again, you'd have to account for coloration (his hair is a reaaaaal bright blue).

    You could also consider some build-you-own avatar characters (eg Skyrim, Mass Effect's Comm. Shepherd), or gijinkas (humanized versions of non-human characters, like Pokemon or Digimon or other games that have creatures worked in)! You've got a lot of design flexibility to do what you want with those.

  • If I'm trying to give suggestions based soley on hair style I thought of a few:
    Nyx - FFXV Kingsglaive
    Levi - AoT
    Otabek - Yuri on Ice!!!
    Josuke (Jojo #4) - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    Milo Thatch - Atlantis: the Lost Empire
    Percival Graves - HP fantastic Beasts
    Anyone from Peaky Blinders (Netflix live action show)

    I'm sure there are tons more too, good luck!!

  • Holy moly its been a while since i checked this. Thanks for all the cool suggestions.

    To answer stars question, it is shaved on both sides. As jess suggested, my hair looks almost exactly the same as nyx from kingsglaive. Except mine is long in the front, while his is mullet-esk