Shirt,belt and backpack for Vol. 4 Ruby Rose?

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#1 cdsanz on 2 years ago

Hey guys,I need help finding tutorials on how to make a backpack or shirt similar to the ones that Ruby wears in Volume 4 RWBY. Sorry if I'm not able to post a reference picture,I don't really post on forums much lol.

Hopefully this link works as one


#2 CosplayPatterns on 2 years ago

Better ref [URL=""]link[/URL]

For the shirt, I would get a premade women's princess seam Shirt ([URL=""]ref[/URL]) and convert the collar, cut the top opening and bone the princess seams.
First, fit the shirt to you. it can't be too loose or it will flop about but not too tight that you will pop seams. you want snug.
[URL=""]convert [/URL] the collar and add hooks and eye to keep it close.
Put it on and trace out the opening. Add seam allowance and finish it like [URL=""]this[/URL]
Add [URL=""]boning [/URL]to the front princess seams to keep the top up.

Belt: Find a wide curve belt and add the details bit to it, Bullet/dagger holder [URL=""]Tut[/URL]

Bag: I think if you tweak [URL=""]this [/URL]pattern and use pleather with Ultra/Extra firm craft interfacing to keep its shape. Straps would be base off a [URL="*"]double chest holster[/URL] with arm straps added. maybe attach the arm straps to the harness with elastic to keep mobility.

#3 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

larger ref, (imgur link was "busy")

thought id bump since its still the most recent post in the section
and figured, maybe get op more help if still needed

also to note, is the backpack looping around the arms? that just seems silly, isnt that restricting movment?
id just use a chest strap, or make the armpit straps mount closer to the bottom so they bear the weight
and just add supporting straps tward the top that connect to the pit loops
(the top straps basically would just keep it from flipping upside down)

#4 luckystarday on 1 year ago

I have just met this problem, so much help from this.