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#1 Hiroto Sumi on 3 years ago

Hello everyone. I am a short and unhealthy cosplayer currently in progress of losing weight. My progress is slowly going well. I bought an exercise bike, and I have been eating less, already lost a few pounds and the inner stomach is slowly shrinking or consuming less food than usual. Been drinking two bottles of water while at work and less bread at dinner.

But I am curious. If I keep this up and slowly continue to lose weight when will the physical results begin to show? What is the estimate time of losing 10+ pounds or even 30+ pounds? It's been about a month and I look pretty much the same... Thanks!

#2 muckypup on 3 years ago

First, well done on your efforts so far! I'm also trying to get back on the wagon with regards to being healthier.

Everyone is a little different with respect to losing weight. Without knowing your current weight, calorie intake, calories burned etc we couldnt say the rate you'll lose weight. I use My Fitness Pal to track calorie intake and once I started using it, I realised I was eating more calories than I thought I was. If I stick with that app (I usually set myself about 1300 calories per day if Im trying to lose weight sensibly) I ALWAYS lose weight (maybe 1kg a week) because I can see if my exercise is balancing out with my food (and weight loss is 80% diet)
Best of luck!

#3 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

When I moved to Japan I had a total lifestyle change. Much better diet, I delved into the local healthy food. I had to do so much more walking than I ever did in Canada. My apartment was a 30 min walk to the train station. Wow, did I loose weight. I didn't really notice, but six-months later My pants were falling off me. I had to take them in several times. It can take time for you to really notice the changes. Keep at it and you will see a big difference in time.

#4 Hiroto Sumi on 3 years ago

Thank you for the responses! Guess I just need to be patient and keep up the hard work.

#5 my_dark on 3 years ago

Like muckypup said, it's difficult to get a time frame for weight loss when we don't know the details (a registered dietitian can help you plan meals for weight loss while still ensuring you get the nutrients your body needs). However, in general, losing 1-2 pounds per week is healthy. It may not be happening as quickly as you'd like, but sustained weight loss over a longer period of time is easier to maintain than losing a lot of weight all at once and then keeping it off.

If you are transitioning to a healthier diet and doing more exercise, you may not notice the number on the scale decrease dramatically, but try to pay attention to how your body feels. The longer you maintain these positive changes, you should start to notice your clothes fitting differently, increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, etc.

Good luck, I hope everything goes well!

#6 chupachan on 3 years ago

Yes to what everyone else said! I also want to mention that just because you can't see that you look different doesn't mean other people can't. I honestly think I look virtually the same all the time, and it's other people pointing out that I look different. We are often our own worst critics, so give yourself a high five and believe that you are changing!

#7 CookieCake on 3 years ago

Sounds like you are doing great work!

A good tip is to take pictures of your current self right now. Since we see ourselves in the mirror everyday, it can be really hard to see a difference that is slowly happening. If you take before pictures now, keep up with the healthy eating & calorie counting, I guarantee you will see progress. It is much easier (and satisfying) to see the change when you compare a before and a 3-weeks later photo

#8 12WolfZ on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=Hiroto Sumi;5050647]If I keep this up and slowly continue to lose weight when will the physical results begin to show? What is the estimate time of losing 10+ pounds or even 30+ pounds? It's been about a month and I look pretty much the same... Thanks![/QUOTE]

I'm going to assume you're saying you have not reached a 10 pound deficit as of yet. Yes, you will have to lose more than 10 pounds to see a real change.

Overall and maybe more philosophically though, It really depends on what you mean by "physical results" in this case. If you just want to lose weight, the quicker you lose a greater quantity of weight, the sooner you will look drastically different.

If you mean, like, "when will I look more like a fitness model?" then we are talking about something different: a dance between lowering your body's fat stores and gaining muscle.
For me, it took a long time. I started taking fitness seriously a several years ago for cosplay and didn't hit a legit sub 10% body fat aesthetic for the first time until I was two years into it, and I ain't even big. But I did have injury issues and, ya know, genetics are variable..

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