Cosplay Bowling - Charity (For Hurricane Relief)

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#1 Eilonnwy on 13 years ago

My friend Ranma came to me and asked me what he thought of doing a possible Cosplay Bowling fundraiser at my Work, Boston Bowl. Proceeds would go to the Red Cross relief for Hurricane Katrina. I think that this is a promising idea, so I want to generate some interest.

I need to talk to my Sales manager, but here's the deal.

I've held 2 cosplay bowling events in the past, so if I have enough people interested, I can pull this off easy.

Updated Info
Place: Boston Bowl ([url][/url])
Time: 1pm
Day: Saturday, September 24th
Price: $20 (Half is Donated to Red Cross)
Package: 1 1/2 hour bowling + shoes
2 slices of Pizza + 1 soda
10 Gameroom tokens
Cosplay: Optional, no theme.
Minimum: 10 people

Website: [url][/url]
Go here for more detailed info and payment options!

#2 Dymatrex on 13 years ago

Sounds like a great idea. If the date isn't going to be on a tough school weekend, I'm game.

#3 LousyItachi on 13 years ago

Now that I'm back in Boston for school, I'll definitely go to this.

#4 rhichan on 13 years ago

We'll see what happens.

#5 Ranma Saotome on 13 years ago


#6 GorgeousAstro on 13 years ago

You know I'd be going anyways. XD The fund raiser part just makes it all the more appealing!

#7 Eilonnwy on 13 years ago

If anyone wants to suggest possible dates for the event, feel free. All I know is it needs to be a Saturday in order for me to be able to run this event.

#8 GorgeousAstro on 13 years ago

I feel it should be sometime soon while it's still on everyone's mind, but not so soon as no one can make it. Does that make sense? XD Either way, I'm thinking within at LEAST three weeks...

#9 Majueen on 13 years ago

Ooo! Oooo! I definitely wanna go! I think September 24th would work well for me, since some of my friends would be in town that I could drag along ^_^

#10 Flea on 13 years ago

I'll definately go!

#11 LousyItachi on 13 years ago

The 24th is fine with me.

#12 Ranma Saotome on 13 years ago

I can make that day.

#13 Eilonnwy on 13 years ago

Alright, I talked to my manager. Basically what we'd have to do, is book it as a party fundraiser. That works best for what we're doing.

So John will charge me an amount for the event, and in order to raise funds, I charge double. half goes towards BB, half to charity. Last time I did Cosplay Bowling it was $12. I'll see if John will let me do it for $10.

This means, I will charge everyone $20. So if 20 people show up, we make a sum of $10 per person for the Charity, equalling $200.

If I do do this, however, I will require advanced payment. Basically, you buya ticket for $20. I can keep track of payments, and I have a paypal account so people can pay me online.

Also, if you can't attend but would like to donate, you can buy a ticket, and 100% of your ticket goes towards the Red Cross Relief fund.

How does this sound?

And it seems everyone's liking the 24th.

#14 Ranma Saotome on 13 years ago

Like I said, I'm so in to help.

#15 Eilonnwy on 13 years ago

Basically the best help I need is spreading the word. I can handle setting up the party and ticket sales. ^.^