Fitting dreadlocks under a wig.

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#1 ZiPPY on 9 years ago

So a friend of mine asked me for help with picking out a wig ([URL=""]crossdressing Kanji[/URL], Persona 4), but he has shoulder-length dreads. I'm in a bit of a bind over what to do, since I have no idea how we're going to go about fitting his dreads under a wig, especially one that short. He's willing to cut them a bit, but he'd much rather not. Any cosplayers here with dreads have any tips on how we'd manage this?

#2 kandell on 9 years ago

shave his head while he's sleeping :P

#3 Ion on 9 years ago

If my friend who has waist-length, thick, wavy hair can fit all her hair under a bob length wig, I think your friend can do it unless you're lying and your friend really has George Clinton dreads. lol.

Your friend should be able to put his dreads into pincurls or similar. Wig caps will stretch to accommodate most people's heads so I don't think he'll run out of room. Here's a [URL=""]thread about hiding long hair under short wigs[/URL].

#4 Nefeline on 9 years ago

I have a bunch of dreads going down almost to my waist - it's a pain to get them under wigs and it definitely needs some practice (my first attempts looked pretty ridiculous lol) but it is possible.

I usually try to arrange the dreads evenly over the (lower) back of my head in some sort of a spiral and let someone else pull over a wig cap while I hold everything in place. Sometimes it needs a few takes until it works and looks right. Once I have the first wig cap on, I pin everything in place and use a second wig cap or even one of those pantyhose type socks to get them as tight and flat as possible. Then pull over the wig.

It also helps if the wig itself isn't too voluminous.

#5 Nayoh on 9 years ago

I have a huge pack of dreadlocks on my head so I usually limit myself to cosplaying characters with hats =/
or characters wose hair resemble the overall shape of my hair ^-^
or ofcourse, if it doesn't matter for the character you're cosplaying (like a Druid from world of warcraft for example)