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#1 Kazephyr on 9 years ago

Alright, first off, I know this has been asked before. However, a forum search has turned up nothing that answers my question, so I'm asking again.

Where can I find cloth-like bandages that aren't:
[*]Overly-thick (to the point they look like elastic)
[*]Very sports-wrap looking (again, don't want the thick-elastic look)

These are for Lucy from Elfen Lied. This is the best ref I can give you (don't worry, I'll be putting more bandages on my parts than that XD): [url][/url]

Help me out? ^^;;

#2 WhyLime? on 9 years ago

I would use some type of medical tape.

#3 The Hag on 9 years ago

Well, I've never seen any that weren't gauze or sports wrap, though that doesn't mean they don't exist! Honestly? I'd make make my own out of white broadcloth. I have a serger, so I'd serge the raw edges. If I didn't have a serger, I'd look for the thinnest cheapest white broadcloth (maybe even cheap sheets?) and sew two layers together then turn the "tube" right side out to hide the raw edges - unless you want The Mummy kind of look? I'm not familiar with the character/series so don't know if that would be appropriate.

#4 KawaiiKitt on 9 years ago

I know where to get the sticky kind, for wounds and everything, but maybe try a local drug store and look in the first aid aisle...
But if that doesn't work I agree that you should use cloth =]
It's more work, but it'll probably turn out the way you want it the most lol ^^

#5 Kazephyr on 9 years ago

Hmm... Well, I've done sashes and things in the "tube" style before, and I honestly don't think it'd give the effect I'm going for... How about strips of cloth cut on the bias? Or would that fall apart? XD I did that for my Tifa glove, but I dunno how it'd turn out on that big a scale... :/

#6 The Hag on 9 years ago

Yeah, the tube method wouldn't be my first choice either. You could do rolled hems. Those don't require having a serger though you do need a special foot. Honestly - since they are bandages, I think that this is one of those cases where a raw edge would look o.k., IF you could keep things from unraveling too much/falling apart. It might require an awful lot of fray block though! XD IDK about cutting on the bias - part of me thinks that a bias cut would be too stretchy and you would have a hard time wrapping them without things pulling out of shape. But maybe a bias cut would actually help things "cling" better? You might try experimenting with some muslin.

#7 Victoria~ on 9 years ago

there is a king of gauzy tape out there, im not sure what its called but its a white thin fabric that looks like gauze but is sticky. if there is a medical store ( the kind old people get special socks and stuff like that from) i would suggest looking there.

#8 Kazephyr on 9 years ago

Do [URL=""]these[/URL] or [URL=""]these[/URL] look like they would work?

The Hag: Yeah, the "cling" is a big factor, since I'll be attaching these to a bikini-like outfit and taking them on and off... In my dealings with bias and straight grain, it seems like the bias doesn't unravel as easily as straight, so that's why I suggested that. ^^;;

*Pokes Frodo cloak* All the seams on that thing are fray-blocked. It took me, like, two large bottles of the stuff. XD I have intense patience, so maybe. ^^;;

P.S.: Be bluntly, painfully honest with me... How much would a decent serger go for? XD I've been considering getting one for some time, but I'm very afraid of the price tag. ^^;;

Victoria: Thanks, I'll have to see if there's one around. :) My mom's a nursing professor, so maybe she'll know where I can get some. XD

#9 The Hag on 9 years ago

The first one I'd say no - it's going to be like sort of a big flat cotton ball. The second one possibly, but it looks gauzy which you had said you didn't want. At 1-ply you'll need a lot for coverage.

Re: bias cut. What I was thinking was that you'd have a hard time keeping the strips a uniform width as you wrap because of the stretch, but that is probably less important than having a good cling (though gauze bandages would give you the best cling). And, as you have said, a bias cut should reduce fraying.

Re: serger cost. I paid around $600 for mine on sale. It's a Viking Huskylock. It has a non-electronic user interface (it was like $200 more to get the touch screen version). It's a good machine but I use it a lot less than I had anticipated. I have a tendency to line everything! XD But it is great to have when I need it. I have heard that the cheaper sergers don't hold up well but can't speak from experience on that.

#10 Kazephyr on 9 years ago

Hmm... I remember I used to have bandages that would have been perfect in my cabinet, but I have no clue where they came from... *sigh* Oh well... Anyway, I'll have to experiment with the bias cut... Thanks for your help! ^_^

$600... I figured it'd be something in that range. T_T Maybe for Christmas...