[Tutorial] How to insert contact lenses

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#16 chris-chan on 12 years ago

i got used to the eye touching part pretty quick. mentally it freaks you out at first, and people who dont wear contacts get freaked out too, but you get used to it. and i had the same problem with my optomotrist showing me how to get them in.
and to all those who think that you can just follow this tutorial and youll be good, have your optomotrist show you how. trust me, it will seriously help. its always better to have someone show you how its done.
and to get them out, i just hold my eyelid down with one hand, and pinch the contact with the other. sometimes it takes a few tries, but i get it.

#17 chris-chan on 12 years ago

ive been wearin mine daily for the past 3-4 years now.

#18 Sakurai_Atsushi on 12 years ago

I'm getting my lens fitting in a few days, and I find it strange that i'm more paranoid about sticking a lens in my eye, then I am about being able to actually prod my actual lens with my finger or roll my eyes into my head. [oh the things one does out of boredom >> ] oddly enough, I see just fine. I've only ever had glasses before for eyestrain and papilledema. lulz. crazy inner eye bleeding ftl. oh well, I'm getting my contact fitting, they haven't made it clear if they're giving me lenses to take with [for how much i have to pay for the testing, i sure hope they do >>] and then my parents are taken me for chinese buffet~ ^^

#19 mui on 12 years ago

lol i prefer wearing glasses cause i suck at putting in contacts >.< even>.> my eyes are pretty small (lol azn eyes XP) so i cant get them in by myself lol
when i needed to wear contacts to AN, i had to get 2 friends to help me (for about 30 min) to get them in!!one was opening the eyes and another had to put them in! LOL im so noob >.

#20 Kukkii-san on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=mui;2459749]i had to get 2 friends to help me (for about 30 min) to get them in!![/QUOTE]
...which isn't very healthy. Your eyes must have been all bloodshot after that torture. If you absolutely can't put them in, give your eyes a break, leave for the con without contacts, and see your optometrist for another demonstration.

#21 aliceinbox on 12 years ago

lol cute drawings ^_^, it's very helpful. i remember the first i time i tried contacts T_T pain...

#22 Yukem on 12 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial.
I'm trying to put my colored contact lenses, practicing about 15 minutes each day. Now, I can touch my eyeball pretty easily. My probleme is that my lense stick on my finger instead of staking on my eye. Anyone have this problem? Do you have any tips?

#23 Wataru on 12 years ago

If the contact is sticking on your finger instead of your eye, it could be because you're pulling your finger away too soon. I like to think of the contact as a suction cup. You need to stick it perfectly on your eye without it tilting or turning and when you feel your finger touch your eye, it SHOULD be good to take it away then. Plus, you can kinda feel a distinct difference when the contact goes in.

Hm...*Takes out and replaces a contact* @.o......o.o

Yeah, I put my contact on my index finger of my dominant hand, as someone said before, and then I take my other hand's index and thumb to open my eye wide then I just poke it on. I noticed that my eye made a very slight squish sound when it stuck. >.>

I dunno if I'm helping you any, Yukem. xD


On anther note...Does anyone know if it's possible to get prescription sweet contacts? I'm....pretty vision challenged, so I'd need them with my powers. (My current ones are -3.5 and -2.25.... -blind-)[/QUOTE]

And if it makes you feel any better, my prescription is -4.0/-4.25. xDDD

#24 Yukem on 12 years ago

Thank you. I'll try to hold a little longer before pulling my finger away.
I have four day to succed before the convention... oh well...

#25 lumierie on 12 years ago

I occasionally wore contacts for cosplay. I use my dominant hand to put the contact on and my other hand to pull my eyelids/eye bags. I'm ok with wearing them it's the process of putting it on that freaks me out a bit. It takes me 30 minutes for each eye.

IMO, i think what makes it difficult to put on is because of the thought that it might hurt. I mean when something get in your eye like dusts, it hurts a bit right? What more if you are going to "touch" it with your bare hands and putting a foreign object (contacts) that going to stay there for a while.

Once you get over that, things will be a lot easier, and you'll blink less (must not blink while putting it on!). It takes me a few pep talks from friend before i can over that phase. :P

#26 calen383 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=ESKindler;2304344]Maybe now I'll be able to touch my eye...

And from there wear contacts! =D

Just a question...how do you get them back out? ^^;;[/QUOTE]

I've seen it done other ways than this, but this is how I was taught to do it by my eye doctor.

We'll use the right eye as the example:

1. Use your left pinkie finger to pull up on your top lid.
2. Right middle finger to pull down on your bottom lid.
3. With your right pinkie and thumb, sort of pinch out the contact. It doesn't hurt and there is little to no touching of your eyeball if you are gentle.

I find it also helps to look up a little when doing this.

#27 penny_dreadful on 12 years ago

I just had an opthamologist appointment yesterday and realized that I'm very squeamish about things going in my eyes. Extremely squeamish. Like, I can't physically hold my head still when foreign objects are approaching my eye. Eye drops? No.

Any tips on overcoming that, or is it just a matter of practice? I'd like to be able to wear lenses at some point.

#28 calen383 on 12 years ago

PD: If it helps, I am also VERY...spazzy when the eye doctor tries to stick things in my eyes. Its the anticipation of someone else doing it, I think. Since I don't control the eye drops, I freak out. Plus, I HATE that thing that they stick in your eye during the exam. I'm constantly freaking out and spazzing to the point that the doctor ends up getting rather impatient with me.

BUT I've been wearing contacts for the last 6-7 years and I've never had a problem. It does take practice, but since I'm in control about how fast they go in, I find I handle it better. Perhaps it will be the same for you. Never know until you try. :)

#29 penny_dreadful on 12 years ago

I was thinking it would be the same thing, since I don't actually mind touching my own eyes. Must be the control issue. I'm glad to know it's not insurmountable; I guess I should make an appointment with the optometrist to get fitted.

#30 MimiJap on 11 years ago

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