First wig - High ponytail headache

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#1 Captain Moon on 13 years ago

Alright, so, if any of you have seen me recently, I've been talking about doing a Final Fantasy VII Shiva cosplay.

I purchased an Angela 750 wig, light blue, from Cosworx.
I also purchased matching hair extensions from Dr-locks.

I'm equipped with a wig head, bobby pins, and pins with those little balls on top?

I've got calk, I've got a PVC pipe, and anything else I might need I can get.

Here's a reference picture: [url][/url]

I'm absolutely positive I need to high ponytail this, slice it, stub it, add PVC pipe over the stub, and then add hair extensions to the pipe.


I can't figure this out for the life of me.
The hair is not freaking agreeing with me at all.

Someone out there has to know how to do a high ponytail with this wig.

#2 Narno on 13 years ago

Well, you're going to need to make a bunch of wefts to begin with. Then you are going to have to attach them all around the band of the wig (so that when you pull the hair up the elastic doesn't show. You may need to weft a bunch in between existing wefts to cover up any thin spots when the hair is up depending on how thick the wig is to begin with.

Pull it up to the height you want. I have found it is easiest to do this while the wig is on someones head because styrofoam heads are a lot smaller than the average human head. Once you have the ponytail where you want, you can cut/shave off the excess to make a stub, and save the excess to add to the extensions. You can then cover the stub in caulk for added security. Attach the extensions to the stub in your preferred method (there are many many ways you could do it), then add the PVC pipe over that so that the hair is going through it and it covers the point of attachment.

To me it seems that PVC pipe would be really heavy for a wig. You might want to consider using a cardboard pipe (like a paper towel roll) covered in foam or something.

#3 FaeandMerfolk on 13 years ago

Another good way to get the high ponytail is to hold the wig head upside down while brushing it into a ponytail where you want it. (Yes, you will need to do some wefting along the sides like she said, unless you really don't care if it is not exactly perfect. If not you can wear a matching wigcap beneath and it will hide some of the gaps in the hair.)

I agree that pvc might be too heavy.. Another thought would be to get the styrofoam cylendars from the floral sections of a craft store and cover it with cloth to get the look you want for her ponytail band.

#4 +Gogo+ on 13 years ago

You're also going to need to stabilize whatever you use for the "piped" look, otherwise, it'll just flop over.

#5 Captain Moon on 13 years ago

Having trouble as of right now.

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

-_-; The wig is so damn... Wavy.

#6 Kumi-chan on 13 years ago

Have you tried straightening it with the hot water method? It usually works for nicer quality wigs.

#7 Goddess Iduna on 13 years ago

Kikkii-san made an excellent tutorial on stubbing, when she made her Fran wig. Maybe this will help. [url][/url]

#8 FE Freak on 13 years ago

I have do the same thing for my upcoming cosplay,but I got stuck on the part where she was adding the wefts to stub. It wouldn't be possible to just wrap the weft/extension around the stub,and hope it covers it will it?

#9 Captain Moon on 13 years ago

I don't think I need to straighten it now. My mom and I make a pretty good team putting up the ponytail.

I think my real headache is all the frizziness, that, and I am so scared of stubbing.


#10 Seiyora on 13 years ago

Thanks for all the good info! =3

#11 Kukkii-san on 13 years ago

I highly recommend straightening the Angela 750 wig before putting it into a ponytail.

As for pulling the hair up into the ponytail, here's what I do:

-sew wefts to the inside of the rim of the wig (in the back and possibly on the side front to, depending on the style) to conceal the undermesh

-pin wig to wig head (with lots of pins along the rim, and with paper stuffed underneath to stretch the back as far as possible!)

-if you don't want all of the hair to go in the ponytail, part the wig using the handle of a comb and clip away the sections for the bangs, etc. - make sure the undermesh won't show along the part when the hair is pulled back and styled later

-mark the point where you want the ponytail to be (with a long pin) - make sure it's centered on the mid-back elastic of the wig

-put the hair up into a ponytail [b]layer by layer[/b] and stub it - again, layer by layer. Start with a small ponytail in the center, around the spot that you marked with a pin. Tie some elastic or a cut-open hairtie around the small ponytail. Cut it off (if you want to stub it) and rub caulk or craft glue into the fiber.
Let dry and repeat for the next layers of hair - make sure to only catch as much fiber as you can handle safely, and brush the hair neatly before fixing it.
It's OK if the tips are frizzy (you can always detangle and straighten them later) but the hair that is brushed back must be perfectly straight and even.

The tutorial that Goddess Iduna mentioned illustrates most of these steps.

[b]FE Freak[/b], if you want to hide the point where the extensions are attached to the ponytail stub, just glue the extensions to the small stub you started with and save the top layer of wig hair to cover the ponytail in the end. (If the base wig is too short, add long wefts along the bottom and sides that you can pull back into the ponytail.)

You can usually just cover the base of the ponytail with a hairtie or ribbon, depending on what the character is wearing.

#12 envirion on 13 years ago

Thanks for the great info! I've been looking for something like this. ;3

#13 MEGHANCLAPOINTE on 13 years ago

uh....what does wefting mean?

i mean i am getting my Kaoru wig tomorrow from amphigory and i need to style it into a high ponytail, i think i will put it on my sister and brush it up that way. if anyone else has any tips please feel free to AIM me or PM me.

if all else fails, i'll try to do the wig upside down and brush it that way. plus the con (anime boston 2008) is 8 days away

#14 Lady_Midnyte on 12 years ago

Wefting refers to actually adding sewn wefts to a wig. Wefts are in a nutshell a layer of hair sewn together.

#15 Kukkii-san on 12 years ago

Actually, no, "wefting" means [b]making[/b] wefts (sewing them, or creating no-sew wefts with caulk, etc.) that you can then add to your wig. You can bypass this process and buy ready-made wefts (cosworx sells them too) but they're usually more expensive than home-made ones.