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#1 Michi on 11 years ago

Or, "How You Can Help The Mods Do Their Job"

If a thread is in the wrong place, tell a mod.
- You can do this by pressing the report post button, which looks like this: [img][/img]
- The more direct way is to PM a moderator.

Please do not:
- Tell the poster to go post their thread again in the right place. We'd much rather just move it than have to deal with duplicate threads. Not to mention, I've seen users be very rude about it when the original poster simply made a mistake.
- Post to the thread wondering why a mod hasn't moved it. We aren't psychic and don't have the power to see and look into every post that is made here. This is why contacting us is very helpful!


If a thread needs to be closed for any reason, tell a mod.
- Same way as above!
- This is up to your judgement. If a thread is causing a lot of drama, or the original poster wants us closed, telling us about it is the best thing to do. We'll make the final decision when it comes to threads being argued over, though if any original poster wants a thread closed/deleted we'll oblige as soon as possible.

Please do not:
- Post to the thread wondering why a mod hasn't closed it. Same thing I said above applies here too.

Trust me when I say this will cause a lot less headaches for the mods and make things work a lot quicker and easier here. Thank you!

Addendum: If you want to report multiple posts in the same thread, please only report one post and refer to the others within your report. Each report is its own separate e-mail and you're just spamming the mod staff if you report multiple posts at once. :)