"FMA: Brotherhood" Lan Fan/Ran Fan Cosplay Help

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#1 TifaLockhart87 on 7 years ago

Hello all! I'm looking to cosplay as Lan Fan/Ran Fan from "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" for this year's AX, but I need some tips as to how to construct the armor and the mask.

How have the rest of you Lan Fan/Ran Fan cosplayers out there constructed your chest and shoulder armor, as well as the mask? Also, any tips on the automail arm would be greatly appreciated (I don't think I'm going to tackle that for this year's AX, but I might make it for a future con).

#2 1MangaFan on 7 years ago

My friend cosplayed Lan Fan in 2010, but since she didn't know how to sew or construct props I made the costume for her.

We made the mask using plaster of paris fabric strips that come in a roll (you can find them a Micheals if you live in America. I don't know if that store's in other countries, but they should be in your local craft store.) You could have someone help you apply them to your face, this is much easier than doing it on yourself like I did. Have them continue to layer the strips until you can get the flat look that Lan Fan's mask has. Then paint the mask with acrylics. It's advised that you coat the mask with Gesso first though and then sand it so that bumps from the plaster don't show.

The automail I made out of craft foam coated with glue and then backed with fabric. Just search a for a tutorial on google, there are plenty of helpful ones on there. Also when designing the automail make sure you have a ton of reference pictures as making Lan Fan's automail is harder than making Ed's because there are fewer tutorials on it.

Our chest armor and shoulder armor fell apart though so I suggest not making the shoulder armor out of craftfoam as well >.< we were running out of time though and we just sewed together the chest armor out of a synthetic leather.

Hope this helped a little bit. Sorry for the really long post.

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