Need advice - Fifth Doctor gender swapped costume

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#1 Lissibith on 7 years ago

I'm considering doing a gender-swapped Fifth Doctor cosplay for a 2012 con (I'd do regular, but I know I'd never pull it off :( )

But I'm not sure how to approach it, and gotten so overwhelmed trying to sort through options that I almost gave up. I need any help and opinions you can provide!

My first thought was to stick with the Edwardian Sports theme and go with something like a golf outfit, perhaps adapting his costume into what the lady in the far left of the pic at the top of this page


But then I wondered if it would be better to just sort of vaguely adapt it from his costume - skirt in place of the pants, a slightly fancier ladies frock coat (or maybe a fitted riding-style jacket). Or maybe stick with the man's frock coat anyway? But if I'm making the trip, may as well go all the way?

And then, how would be best to deal with the shirt, do you think? Shirt and vest like him? Or maybe a blouse with a V-shaped decoration? A friend suggested something like this [url][/url] in cream with the colored edging where that shirt has the black.

So sorry to throw so much at you. I just really need some help narrowing down and getting a place to start :( Any and all help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

#2 Doktor Lee on 7 years ago

There were two girls on livejournal who made lovely Genderbent!Fives. I'd give it a look, in order to get some ideas.

But I think this was the best one, IMO: [url][/url]

#3 supergeekgirl on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=Doktor Lee;4231788]

But I think this was the best one, IMO: [url][/url][/QUOTE]

Oh, gosh, that IS cute!

BTW, OP, neither link seems to be working. I'm getting "Page Not Found" messages from the hosts.

A lot of it is a matter of using the fabric in the pants to make a skirt and fitting all of the top pieces. A lot of genderbent Tens do one-piece dresses instead of his suit, but because Five has a sweater vest, I'd stick with that. I don't knit, so I'd probably leave the neckline as-is. If I could knit, however, I'd shape it so that it scooped lower. You don't want to lose that red detailing on the edge since it separates the vest from the collar. Of course, if you're good at spot-dying, you could dye it into the fabric, which will look like it was knitted in from a distance. Personally, I wouldn't leave the realm of a sweater vest because it gives you a nice texture difference.

Just found an Edwardian ladies golf outfit on another site. I kind of like the idea of doing the long skirt and then wearing Five's hat (exactly the one he has but perhaps slightly smaller) rakishly on top of piled blond hair.