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#16 DollWithAGun on 8 years ago

I posted a reply earlier, but I guess it didn't go through. I had that problem this weekend during a photo shoot. Here's a quick tip: If you're going for serious/sexy, blow a little air out of your lips so your mouth doesn't close fully. It feels like it looks silly, but it totally works!

#17 ToroSonyCat on 8 years ago

Agreed on practicing in the mirror. I'm not very good at smiling and such for photos as sometimes it just looks like I'm some kind of psychopath killer (which might even be fitting if I didn't always cosplay the cute characters) but I find that practicing in the mirror really helps.

Also, try to avoid smiling with your teeth. It's a LOT harder to pull off.

#18 ToroSonyCat on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=firecloak;3710599]What do you guys do when you pose with another cosplayer?

Arm around the shoulder? Linked arms?

I've been doing the arm around the shoulder, but it doesn't work well with tall people.[/QUOTE]
Depends on the character and their relationship. If you're doing friendly poses like arm around the sholder or linked arms, are the characters friendly enough with eachother to do that? I think standing or sitting back to back is a good one if the characters aren't particularly friendly with eachother.

Look at photos of those characters together, what kind of poses do they do? Are there any character poses?

For example, me and my friend cosplayed Miku and Gumi from the 'Matryoshka' PV and did the poses from the PV together - [url]http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2897475/[/url]

If you want to do the arm around the sholder with someone taller than you, get them to put their arm around your sholder and you can put your arm around their waist instead.

#19 atemluver on 8 years ago

thank you guys for helping me so i dont look like a total freak! (ll_ _) and braces dont help me much here but still thanks a ton!!!!!

#20 mariotheotaku on 8 years ago

I'm looking for a tutorial on some off-flash photography tips to improve portraits during the day time. Tutorials can include bouncing, photographing in the shade and such. Thank you.

#21 cosIT on 8 years ago

Looking at a mirror, say the following: "Whiskey"
Keep repeating whiskey. Take note of which muscles you're using.
Once you have that down, make sure your teeth aren't showing after saying whiskey (it's fine if you hide them after you're finished saying it).
You might also want to slightly tilt your head down or up depending on your character's personality. Just a suggestion to add to the shot.
Practice that and it should really help. Post a photo!

#22 Somsai on 8 years ago

Try saying "Donut".
Dooonut! O,O <---

#23 RinoaShadow on 8 years ago

im like... inept when it comes to smiling.

what i suggest is practising in a miror and getting to know about what sort of smiles look good on you. for me, it's a gentle smile without teeth. with teeth it looks back because my lips are kinda big and my nose sorta... i dunno. but i've conclded that the best smiel i can do is a small and gentle sor tof one without showing my teeth.

#24 freyja3120 on 8 years ago

Another "word that's like smiling" trick is the word Tuesday. Really just saying "day" should do it, but for some reason I've always heard Tuesday used.

Personally, when I was trying for a natural smile, I would either remember something funny, or think of puppies. Or kittens, or any baby animal really. It's very hard not to naturally smile when thinking of them, although depending on what you're looking for, it's sort of a softer smile.

#25 brucer007 on 8 years ago

Each person is different like a snowflake. Even though smiles can be similar, our facial muscles react a bit differently..sometime very differently, so I would not suggest one solution for all people.

As a photographer, I have worked with litterally 1000s of people. I found working with each person in a costumized manner gets better results. I tried experimenting with each person's smile and directed them to try different smiles. Some people looked best when they smiled with their mouth closed, especially if their teeth were not so attractive. Others looked best showing their perfect teeth. I found showing the top row of teeth worked well for most. Showing botton and top teeth tends to look like biting.

Then, there is different amounts of smiling. Smile subtly. Smile medium. Smile big. Also try a smirk; smiling from one corner of the mouth.

I did try some sudden humor to make them smile too. That can work well, or it can get out of control looking smiles that either look good or not.

#26 AJV on 8 years ago

I know what'cha mean about smiling, because I'm also pretty clueless when it comes to smiling.
I usually put on a dumb (or goofy if you prefer) smile in a lot of pictures that I'm in. ^^;
So far, like some have said, looking in a mirror and practicing how you smile seems to be a good idea.
I've been doing that as of lately and I think it's starting to help.
Also while I've been working on my latest cosplay, my mom's been taking some pics of me and she'll note if I'm making too big of a grin,or if the smile looks forced, etc... and looking at them myself I can see certain things that might be wrong and I try to improve off that.

Well, back to the mirror for me...time to practice more smiling! :toothy:

#27 Hope4love on 8 years ago

Looking for a tutorial/tips and advice on how to take good photoshoots by yourself (aka using a self-timer and tripod). Doesn't really have to be cosplay related.

#28 Gabbyv23 on 8 years ago

Can you dye Ace bandages white? and no, I'm not using them for binding, I'm using them for the cast on my Bakura cosplay =3=

#29 MallowRain on 8 years ago

I am a failure at smiles. Seriously. And I'm seriously not photogenic.
I've resorted to cosplays where the characters don't even smile to get out of it. =P

What I found works for me is right before you smile, laugh. Like think of something funny, fake a laugh, something. Try it out in the mirror. Just chuckle and usually you get a very natural looking smile, then all you have to do is work on the timing.

If you're like me and look serious even when you try to smile try lifting your eyebrows. It tends to make you happier. Good luck!

#30 Noir Tsukiyomo3 on 8 years ago

So there's a dilemma, we have the idea and everything else like equipment, but there's only one problem...

We don't have a location.

For the video, we may have to rent a room, but is there anyway around that? Like what if you wanted to use a room for a film, should you just dress yours up so it can be used in the shoot?
We have everyone and everything else except for Locations for certain scenes.

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