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#1 Egotist on 8 years ago

Anybody else like military wear? Both field uniforms(camoflage), and service uniforms(dress coat/pants). The 1930s-40s were a good era for service dress. Trenchcoats and leather gloves? Crusher hats, shoulder tassels, embroider rank... It's badass, it's authoritarian.

#2 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

I do like military wear. I've been collecting coats, dress uniforms, flight suits, insignia, caps, and the like since high school. Some people find it disrespectful, so be careful how you wear it (I used to wear some things in a disrespectful way in high school but learned not to as I got older). Heck, there are a ton of subcultures that wear military gear and uniform pieces, so I'm sure you'll find others.

#3 Mehdia on 8 years ago

I actually love to design and make clothing using military structure as a basis without it being actual military. I love the form of a fitted service dress uniform and the formality of how to wear all the ranks, ribbons, and details. It's one way of being so structured and organized without appearing to be stuffy I think.

#4 SourCherryTwist on 8 years ago

be careful if you wear one of our uniforms...some people dont really like it...and NEVER wear a ribbon you didnt earn. it CAN be a federal offense. I personally dont care, but not everyone cares its just a fashion statement. im not trying to be a jerk, but you must realize, we servicemembers had to EARN our rank, ribbons and medals.

#5 EvanKrell on 8 years ago

Because of my love of ocean/sailor type stuff (thanks 20000 Leagues Under the Sea!), I often wear an admiral jacket that I got for 2 bucks. I removed the rank insignias though.

I also adore this military-style jacket I picked up for 2 bucks from a garage sale- hand tailored. It is incredible.


But, yeah, I use a lot of military pieces in my daily wear, but with a focus on older military. Pith helmets, trenchcoats, etc.

#6 Egotist on 8 years ago

@ Sourcherrytwist: I know your feelings, I [i]am[/i] military, and love it's historic uniforms.
@ EvanKrell: Same here, bud. I tried to incorporate camoflague with my regular wear, but it didn't work so well.

#7 Leadmill on 8 years ago

I mix military asthetic with my gothic attire. I have some pictures somewhere of a recent cosplay ball I attended which gave me the oppertunity to try out some ideas :)

#8 Volnixshin on 8 years ago

I own a few 30's military vests, coats, boots, and gloves. I wear them occasionally, more so now that it is getting cold

#9 ManiacMarshall on 8 years ago

I wear a uniform five days a week. Why the hell would I want to wear it in my off time?

#10 PeaceOfMind on 8 years ago

I LOVE military styles. I have some clothes that aren't really military, just military-inspired but are still pretty damn awesome. I also have some olive drab BDU's that I bought for cosplay but I wear the top and bottoms sometimes (separately).

I know that you shouldn't wear any ribbons or insignias, but is there anything else about wearing military things that could be considered offensive? I don't want to unknowingly offend someone.

#11 Alliekitten on 7 years ago

Have a military fashion fetish. Love the Nazi SS uniforms the most (it's unfortunate about what their purpose was, because their uniforms were so awesome looking)
Russian uniforms I like as well.
American ones I'm not as into except for maybe marines (like the jacket with the red trim)

Some things that are offensive to people are the nazi symbol and yes, wearing medals that you did not earn. There will always be the few who get offended when you wear military fashion.
Going to goth clubs and being dressed up, I've had people in the military come up to me and say- "You're an idiot for dressing that way and I think you're dumb and dumb looking!" (paraphrasing) so I respond by saying: (and this is my response- I am not trying to start an argument or debate here, just merely stating how I respond) "I don't think you're very bright yourself signing up for the military and fighting/dying for a country that doesn't care about you"

So really, what I'm saying is, if you are going to dress military, then be ready to have people come up to you and let their opinions be heard. That doesn't mean you can't shoot back with your own opinion.

#12 Emiko87 on 7 years ago

My dad was in the marines in the 80's (during peacetime) and I snitched one of his old fatigue shirts (the camo button-front ones with 4 pockets) and wear it as a jacket. A couple of people have actually complimented me on it lol. I'd like to get a pair of combat boots because they look really awesome, plus I tend to be fairly hard on my footwear so I want some tough shoes I can wear all over, but I haven't found any yet (I don't like to order things off the internet, so I've got to find a military surplus store if I want a pair and I haven't had the time to look for one.)

To Alliekitten: Regardless of whether you consider our soldiers "bright" or not, and regardless of your opinion of the country in general, it is not appropriate to respond to criticism of your fashion choices by insulting their career choice, inasmuch as they've voluntarily put themselves in a job where they put their own lives and safety on the line to defend yours.

#13 The Seventh Sea on 7 years ago

Some military folks can be alittle over passionate, even when you give an explaination. Before I joined the Air Force, I used to wear a Dark Angels pendant from the Black Library (Warhammer 40K) and some Ranger mistook it as a badge from a different unit. I explained to him it was from a tabletop game and thinking he was interested in it, I asked him if he'd like to know where I got it. "No thanks, I wear what I earn f*****..." then he storms off.

Of course, I was pretty tired at work, so it didn't register until the end of the day.

#14 Dengeki-kun on 7 years ago

I have some combat boots that resemble some of the 1940s style combat boots. And the website I got them from also has a long list of other combat boots that are all hand-made and authentic leather. I even found one that has a holster for a combat knife on the side of the boots

#15 Magical Machete on 7 years ago

I personally think people wearing US military uniforms when not is the military is tacky. ^ ^;;; Well,,, The camo aspect of it. I can see why you could possibly like the dress uniforms... But I see far too many people running around in digi camo bottoms, a BDU top, and then something stupid like flip flops. lol IDK. Maybe if I saw someone make a decent outfit I wouldnt be so appalled. LOL

And even though I am in the Army, one of my good friends owns an SS Nazi uniform that ran him about $600. It's completely accurate from the material to the trim and buttons. ^ ^ I love it to bits. LOL When I'm freezing at a con cause I'm too lazy to line my cosplays, the jacket from that uniform is more than enough to keep me warm xD

Also, please don't wear ribbons you didnt earn... That's a big no-no. Because it's against the law. We enlisted so that the people who aren't serving don't have to. Without us fighting voluntarily, you or your loved ones would be drafted. So don't be so cruel to the military. We give away our rights so you can keep yours.