Where to buy Oji (Boys Lollita) and Gyaru clothing online?

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#1 chibipocky15 on 7 years ago

I was just wondering if someone could tell me... xD

It's hard to find stuff online xD

A lot of the stuff is expensive
some of the stuff not so much

A am a boy... Just a reminder....

I would really appreciate gyaru and oji links and stuff o.o

#2 Garbage-chan on 7 years ago

As someone who's admired Ouji fashion for a long time, I can recommend [URL="http://www.fanplusfriend.com/"]FanplusFriend[/URL]! They have awesome cheap Ouji stuff, and I hear lots of good reviews about them, although you have to be careful with the sizing.

#3 Celcia on 7 years ago

The cheapest place to buy gyaru style clothes is on Taobao. There's a lot of Liz Lisa inspired clothing for cheap.

#4 hyperperson on 7 years ago

i buy most of my gyaru clothing from mbok and yahoo!japan auctions. I've seen cool things on rakuten but i personally havent purchased from them yet. shopping services are your friends. fromjapan is the one i currently use. japonica is also popular. For chinese sites such as taobao i use taobaonow.

#5 Spooks on 7 years ago

Bodyline.co.jp has alot of cheap lolita clothing. For ouji, you can get your blouses and shoes here, but they only sometimes have ouji-appropriate bloomers or pants.

For gyaru clothing, you can easily create an awesome gyaru outfit with clothing found at your local mall... But for actual gyaru brands, Yesstyle.com just started carrying Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Liz Lisa, Glavil and a few other brands. They ship worldwide and always free shipping.

#6 Amakago on 6 years ago

Have you heard of dreamv? [url]http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/dreamv/[/url]
I'm not sure if it's too expensive for you, but it's an option.

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