I'm having some trouble. x.x

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#1 OliverExorcist on 6 years ago

Who would've known that I'd be having so much trouble trying to find a decent pair of glasses for an America/Alfred F. Jones cosplay?

Can someone help me out? xD




#2 KawaiiBerry on 6 years ago

Some Claire's stores sell fake glasses. You could find some in the right shape and then in-some-way colour the frame so it's not pink or purple or whatever :)
Hope that helps

#3 DonnaP on 6 years ago

I did some searching on "Half-frame glasses" and it was tricky because I keep finding glasses that have the top half of the frame, rather than the bottom half. But I did find these on Ebay, they are reading glasses which might make them difficult to wear,


#4 miss-ferrous on 6 years ago

Try checking here! [url]http://www.zennioptical.com/[/url]

I've never personally used them but I've heard good things and have been thinking about getting some for Anita Radcliffe from 101 Dalmatians and a pair for my gf for a Homura cosplay because she needs glasses in real life and we don't want her walking around with eyestrain all day xD;;

It seems really convenient because if you need a prescription, you can get it, or just get plain glass.

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