Naruto AX13 Group

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#1 IshikawaAyumi13 on 5 years ago

Me and a few friends are getting together to form a group for Anime Expo 2013. We have a group already on facebook and figured it would be easier to as well spread the word on here so we can get as many people possible to take part. ^3^ We want to have fun, take pictures, and enjoy the con as much as possible. Of course a photographer will be present when the group gets together and we are not forcing anyone to stay with us. The photo shoot will possibly be only 30 to 45 min long since we hope to get in a lot of people and form the actual groups within the show. Please message or comment on this to let us know if you are interested in joining.

#2 Narutokris on 5 years ago

interested! I LOVE Naruto! I'm a new cosplayer in need of suggestions and help of what to cosplay as!