The Cosplay Contest

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#1 Talismand on 7 years ago

I know that every con has it and at megacon im sure people will be brining their A+ game...also a lot of DC stuff lol but really what are you all planning on submiting im for the first time in the 6 years i have been cosplaying will be going up on the stage as irvine from final fantasy now that it is complete ^^

#2 nathancarter on 7 years ago

There are two: The Anime Sushi sponsored contest, for anime, Japanese video games, and other Japanese culture; and the Universal contest for "everything else" such as movies, sci-fi, original characters, etc.

I'm tossing a coin on entering the Universal contest with my Steampunk photographer kit, aiming for technical achievement.

#3 Talismand on 7 years ago

do it if there is a vote thing for it you got mine ^^ im a sucker for steampunk stuff and goodluck!!!