ANny soul eater cosplayers?

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#1 nekobunnycos on 6 years ago

hey guys!:bashful: i was wondering is anyone doing any soul eater cosplay's for Katsucon? My friend wants to do asura and i will be maka :)

#2 onsenmark on 6 years ago

If I can get things done in time for the con, I plan on being Stein, likely on Friday -- I'm not quite sure yet.

#3 Kaze Saffire on 6 years ago

Akane from Soul Eater Not on Saturday

#4 simpbass on 6 years ago

Most likely will have Mifune there.

#5 nekobunnycos on 6 years ago

awesome! were planning to do it sunday and maybe have a photoshoot of we get enough people :)

#6 nekobunnycos on 6 years ago

friday were doing asura and make :) just a reminder

#7 NicoleBonnefoy on 6 years ago

I cosplay Justin Law, give me a time and place and if I can I'd love to join

#8 nekobunnycos on 6 years ago

@NicoleBonnefoy- we just planned a soul eater photoshoot at 4pm on friday, i'll update everyone on meet up place and whther were indoors or outdoors ^ ^ the photographer will keep me updated

#9 simpbass on 6 years ago

Any updates on this?

#10 chrono4281 on 6 years ago

Male Blair here :)

#11 Kaze Saffire on 6 years ago

Might just have black blood soul for Friday.

#12 Black*Star on 6 years ago

I will be of course the worlds greatest assassin on Friday!!! Yahoooo!!

#13 MiaYagyu on 6 years ago

I'm bringing Marie on Saturday, going to have a hammer hand as well!

#14 GracefulDisastr on 6 years ago

bringing blair and my bf's shinigami cosplays. not sure what day we are doing them though

#15 nekobunnycos on 6 years ago

thank you all for the replies!!! as for an update the soul eater shoot is friday of katsucon from 4pm-5pm :) i will be maka, anyone cosplaying anyone from soul eater is welcomed to join! since theres been abit of change and its only me and a blackstar im hopeing all of you can come and have an awesome time soul eater style!:):rofl:

p.s- sry for the late late reply, with working on cosplays and plans its been hectic :)

if u have anyother questions feel free to msg me! or look me up on facebook my fan page nekobunny cosplay and jst drop a msg ill tell u all u ned to know.

photographer is scheduled we r just waiting for a meeting place.