NEKO: Boston Cosplay Bowling 2009

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#1 Starlightslk on 9 years ago

Who's up for some good old-fashioned cosplay Bowling? Figured it make sense to have it in February this year since AB is in May and it also gives us something to look forward to after Katsucon. :toothy:

[U]Date[/U]: February 28, 2008
[U]Time[/U]: 3:00pm-6:30pm
[URL=""]Boston Bowl[/URL]
820 Morrisey Blvd.
Boston, Ma
[U]Cost[/U]: 2 games of bowling, shoe rental with free logo sport socks, 10 game room tokens $12.00 per person. Add 2 slices of pizza & a soda for just $4.00

[U]By T[/U]:
Take the Red Line to the JFK/UMass stop.

Look for the Phillips Family Courtesy Shuttle (by the ATM Machine) or call (617)-287-9100. Shuttle pickups at JFK/UMass are every 1/2 hour on the 15 and 45 of each hour.

[U]By Car[/U]:
Traveling on Interstate 93 South:
Take exit #12. Follow the signs for Morrissey Blvd.
Boston Bowl is 1/2 mile up on the right.

Traveling on Interstate 93 North:
Take exit #13.
At the bottom of the ramp go left.
Take your next left onto the service road.
Continue straight, Boston Bowl is 1/4 mile up on the left.

Crazy Flower

Crystal Clover

#2 KinkyxXxWaffles on 9 years ago

I'm in!!

#3 stardust462 on 9 years ago

I'll hopefully be there. I may put together a Nana outfit for this.

#4 Crystal Clover on 9 years ago

I definitely want to come this year!

#5 Mesoian on 9 years ago

I'm there.

#6 Starlightslk on 9 years ago

I added an attendees list to the first post when you comment, comment with your attending status so we can get a head-count going since we have to reserve the lanes soon. :thumbsup:

#7 emzichan on 9 years ago

I can't commit until I see my syllabi for next semester, but I've been looking to meet more local cosplayers so I might show :)

#8 KinkyxXxWaffles on 9 years ago

I'll also be bringing my boyfriend Tim, so add him in to your headcount. ^^

#9 Girl_Shuichi on 9 years ago

I can't be completly deffinite but I really want to go. I missed all the other times.
If I do go I'll probably be Kurenai from Red Ninja End of Honor.

#10 Majueen on 9 years ago

I'm pretty sure I should be able to go, looking forward to it!

#11 sephygoth on 9 years ago

We'll havta get starlightslk to change that first post, prices have gone up since last yr. Last year, since previous cosplay coordinator doesnt work there, I got a much better deal, and they snuck us extra treats(like double play time for same buck, lil extra pizza n tokens)
Small group last yr(8-10?), but either way its a riot.
This year I was thinking about having a fabric swap next door in a room at the Ramada hotel there. For when the 2-3 hour event is over, we can make it last for a bit longer. What does people say? I think that can be arranged easy.

#12 Crazy Flower on 9 years ago

I'm in, I may not cosplay though.

#13 BebopSiren on 9 years ago

OMG. I wanna go o.o

I will consult with friends..

#14 sephygoth on 9 years ago

[QUOTE=Crazy Flower;2751477]I'm in, I may not cosplay though.[/QUOTE]

again? come on!!!! pweeze
you still need to get your xmas gift from me, you were the first to be SENT a card, I cant beleive you never even got it >.<

#15 Gale on 9 years ago

Count me in as a "maybe." It all depends on my theater schedule.