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#1 JordanExcelsior on 8 years ago

Looking for a new wig to use for my Eleventh Doctor cosplay, the one I had was a stand in of sorts and I am looking for one that will work with my series 5 cosplay. Any suggestions?

#2 spider21b on 8 years ago


#3 micro-babe on 8 years ago

List of options:

The last one looks perfect, in my opinion. But I posted a few since Chinese wigs tend to run small. If you're hefty in the cranium department, you should look at the first two links, since I'm sure those wigs fit bigger heads. You'd have to style them all though.

#4 JordanExcelsior on 8 years ago

Thanks! I found a variation of the same style on the last one and got it. :)

#5 PirateDude on 8 years ago

Wow I am so getting that last wig for my doctor costume.

#6 Neelh on 7 years ago


I found this, then read that you already had one.


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