Any Washington State Cosplayers!?

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#1 Li_Syaoran on 7 years ago

Is there any Washington Cosplayers that have a acc?

#2 Celia Rose on 7 years ago

Just outside the state of Washington by, like, 15 minutes.


#3 Xanarcah on 7 years ago

Me. o:

There are plenty of others too, I should think.

#4 AnimeFreakCX on 7 years ago

Hello! Im so happy i found this post! I live in bellingham and im hoping to cosplay america from hetalia and gumi soon ^^

#5 xskyskipper on 7 years ago

I'm in spokane :D

#6 gurren_chick17 on 7 years ago

Near Seattle in summer time :)

#7 Raidden on 7 years ago

I live in Snohomish County.

#8 sarka on 7 years ago

I live near Seattle!

#9 xfluffyAri on 7 years ago

Poulsbo here! ^ ^

#10 Zane_Kun on 6 years ago

Olympia, where it seems to be really hard to find other cosplayers.

#11 ninjabunny on 6 years ago

im in snohomish county :)

#12 Raidden on 6 years ago

i assume you are all going to sakuracon this year?
any ideas on who you are going as?

#13 Zane_Kun on 6 years ago

Wesker from Resident Evil
Kanji from Persona 4
Relius from BlazBlue CS
and back ups if I can't finish Relius.

#14 ninjabunny on 6 years ago

im going as karkat from homestuck
japan from hetalia
and i dont know about the last day :)

#15 xfluffyAri on 6 years ago

O: Another Karkat~ My Alois kinda failed so he's my back up. xD
What day are you going as Karkat?