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#1 ravenmist on 8 years ago

So, I'll be cosplaying Amy Pond and Rose Tyler for DragonCon this year and I'm having problems trying to find good wigs for them. Anyone have a good suggestion?
I'll be doing The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Rose Tyler and then The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone Amy Pond.
I don't need anything perfect, but I'd like them pretty close. I'm just having major issues finding ones close enough. I'm on a budget so I'd like to avoid the $70-$100 ones, especially for Rose. So close enough will do.
Thank you in advance!! I'm so lost.

#2 GraelynRose on 8 years ago

#3 ravenmist on 8 years ago

Wow, I could have sworn I replied to this days ago. Hmm.
Well, I did order my Amy wig, but I'm still having major trouble finding a Rose wig.
I did look up the Perucke one and there's one on Ebay, but the coloring looks too light. I do like it though. Hmm. Decisions. Darn you Rose and your hair.

#4 supergeekgirl on 8 years ago

To resurrect a thread instead of starting a new one about wigs...

I'm trying to decide what would make a good Ten wig. I've always had trouble with sideburns. I really never ever want to hand-tie hair again after doing it for one project. Has anyone found good wigs with sideburns or good sew-on sideburns that actually match real wig colors/textures?

I have chin-length blond hair, so without a cut and dye to play Ten, real hair is right out.

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