Shout outs 2013

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#1 Hayes on 6 years ago

Making the thread now before I forget to write this, since no one else made the the thread yet. Who do you all want to leave a message for?

As for myself...

To EVERYONE at the Friday night rave - You guys were fantastic. I know we didn't have as much of a crowd due to it being Friday night rather than Saturday, but seriously, you guys helped make my entire con experience. Thank you to anyone who took pictures or videos (send me links?)) from that dance. I was the dancer on stage in the blue fluffies.

To whoever approved the extra Saturday night 'dance' on the Marriott patio - thanks for that too. good times were had.

To the Takamina (AKB0048)) cosplayer - I loved your cosplay xD and I tried to make heart hands at your camera when you were vlogging, so I hope that made it into your video. I don't know if you know her, or know of her (as she is also a vlogger and Takamina cosplayer, and there aren't a lot of those)), but Deanna actually told me to ask if you were Dejavudea as a joke. I hope you post your videos on youtube D;

To all of the Flandre cosplayers (I think there were two or three?)) - ugh I wish I had my camera on me at the time. Your cosplays were absolutely beautiful and I hope to see more Touhou at AMA in the future. Same goes for that Marisa with that effing AMAZING hat.

#2 PolyVinylAres on 6 years ago

I want to give a shout-out to the fans at AMA who was so complimentary about the cosplay my girlfriend and I wore on Saturday. We came as matching PVC maids, and the reactions were brilliant - it was my girlfriend's first cosplay in years and years. It'll be easy to talk her into doing it again, thanks to you!