Hetalia UK cosplay group?

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#1 Little-Hoshi on 5 years ago

Hello! I'm wanting to start a cosplay group for Hetalia which is based in the UK! :3
I feel like there's not enough to no cosplay groups for hetalia whatsoever in the UK which is kinda sad, to say that the fan base is pretty large.... ;-;

No matter which character you cosplay, I'll accept you into the group as long as I'm okay with you being there (it's hard to explain xD)

Even if you're not from the UK and want to join, then that's cool! You can still join but I would still prefer it if you were from the UK due to Internet Ect

So if you're a teen and from anywhere around the world (preferably the UK) then just let me know! :D. :)

#2 Popuri on 5 years ago

Me me me!
I know I wo't have many opportunities to cosplay in England, due to the small amount of conventions. But I just moved back to the country after several years away in Canada/Japan, where I cosplayed a lot more. Now I miss it!
I always cosplay England. So far I have: gakue, nurse, Robin, pink police.
Oh, and Flying Mint Bunny.

#3 QualiteaBrit on 5 years ago

Hello, I'd love to join, though what's the age limit may I ask? I live in Britain so the location shouldn't be a problem, unless you were on the other side of Britain to me. But hopefully, I can join. Though age might be a problem. Thanks for your time.

#4 Julesie on 5 years ago

Actually theres quite a lot of Hetalia groups based in UK. ^_^

Here's a link to a few

#5 APHCaroLina on 2 years ago

Hey Little Hoshi!

I am from the UK, and have always wanted to join a Hetalia based cosplay group. I usually cosplay as France mostly but I also like to be Prussia or England.
Is there an age-limit because that might be an issue.
Please message me ;

#6 Comasgirl on 2 years ago

I live near Yorkshire in England and would be happy to join if possible