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#1 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

Welcome to GasuKan 7.0! (Hey, our numbers and the months match now! Cool!)

[b]Theme[/b]: "Timeless"/"a shell, or what's left behind"
[b]Date[/b]: Saturday, July 19th
[b]Time[/b]: Start gathering at noon
[b]Location[/b]: Lincoln Park, West Seattle

[i]About the location:[/i]
Address: 8011 Fauntleroy Way SW
Site: [url]http://www.seattle.gov/parks/park_detail.asp?ID=460[/url]

[i]Directions (I-5 north/south bound)[/i]
- Take the West Seattle exit.
- Stay to the left if you are heading North on I-5; stay to the right if you are heading South on I-5.
- Follow the signs to Fauntleroy Way SW.
- Stay on Fauntleroy Way SW until you come to the Park on the right hand side of the street. You can also follow the signs for Vashon Ferry - the ferry terminal is south of the Park (you will come to the Park before you get to the ferry terminal.)

If you're coming by bus, visit the link to the site provided above; they've got info that will help you.

[i]About the theme...[/i]
See two posts down on this page (my next post).

[i]On scheduling conflicts...[/i]
Keep in mind that it's not possible for us to always avoid every local event. This especially holds true during the busy summer months (it's con season, one of the reasons I considered going bimonthly; kinda got shot down on that count.) There will be scheduling conflicts from time to time, and in that case it's up to you as an individual which one you chose. Friendly reminder: most of that other stuff happens once a year. We're monthly.

#2 Everlasted on 12 years ago

I've always wanted to go to Gasukan, but because of school... D:

But now it's summer. :D

What exactly does the theme mean? xP

Oh, and Lincoln Park is an excellent spot with a beach and a lot of trees.

#3 Kumi-chan on 12 years ago

The theme...I'd like to stress that it can be ignored at will. Seriously. Don't feel the need to make a new costume or anything *looks at about a third of the regular attendees*

Anyway, the theme is basically a way for those of us who have multiple costumes to pick something, and to inspire group cosplay and photo ideas. This time around, it's "Timeless" (evokes "emotion" or "feeling", mood setter) and "a shell, or what's left behind" (sub-theme, prop-oriented but can also be interpreted less literally).

For example:
Immortal characters (time has no meaning); classic series like Sailor Moon (the series itself is timeless); series setting is kind of ambiguous as to its time period (Naruto); time-traveling characters

[b]a shell[/b]
[i]Literal:[/i] Bring a shell as a photo prop. Since we're going to be at the beach, a seashell would be ideal. But you can get creative with the interpretation.

[i]Metaphorical:[/i] Your character is a shell of their former self. Something happened to them that has drastically changed them physically, mentally, or emotionally.

[b]...or what's left behind[/b]
[i]Literal:[/i] Well, a shell is left behind when the animal inside moves on to something bigger and better (or dies, yay happy thoughts! ^^) Here's where you get to be creative. What else is shed or left behind when we move on, change, or upgrade to something better? Think of it from your character's mindset, with a mind to what would make good, thought-provoking, humorous, or sad photos. I think our theme this time lends itself to some melancholy interpretations.

[i]Slightly less proppy-literal:[/i] People are also left behind when we change and move on. Good for choosing groups; not everyone in a series is involved in the same changes/power-ups, but those characters who are abandoned are still important to the series (and the main character's) development. Sometimes it's not the main characters who do the leaving, but are the ones who are abandoned. Which sucks, but hey, angst makes for awesome photos!

#4 Everlasted on 12 years ago

Thanks for the explanation! ^^

#5 Perzephone on 12 years ago

woots ^_^ Hey Kumi I would like to help some more on Gasukan :) I already made a myspace group and about to make a myspace page for it :D Shoot me a PM or just reply back here :D

#6 Heat on 12 years ago

Woooo! I've been waiting for this thread for like ever Kumi-Chan XP!
Now that I've got the theme in mind, I'm gonna go brainstorm some cosplays!

#7 cpardo on 12 years ago

July 5th and that weekend is Seafair beginning, and the Pirate landing. The weekend is also Anime Expo in LA.

July 20th is the cosplay parade, so my guess either the 13th or 27th (both Sundays) will be the SC general meeting. I'll find out more about that hopefully soon. The torchlight parade isn't until 26th of July. So yeah mid-July is a good bet.

#8 keropan on 12 years ago

Carkeek Park? I've only been there once (and it was a few years ago) but it was fairly nice there, and I'm pretty sure there's a beach. I think it's in north Seattle....

If we want to avoid the major parades (Chinatown/cosplay parade, Torchlight in downtown Seattle), they're on Saturdays, so we could have a meetup on a Sunday then? (edit: haha, cpardo wins!)

I have the perfect character, Kairi from Kingdom Hearts... the first one! XD;; I haven't worn it since SC '06 so I imagine it needs some attention (as well as a good washing kukuku), and I have to figure out the hair... u__u;

#9 Perzephone on 12 years ago

Sundays won't work for me :\ since I work and its my day with my hunny. He doesn't cosplay but I'm trying to get him too :D

#10 The~Wind on 12 years ago

Mmm.... Not sure what day... Because come hell or high water... I will have a job by then. I will, I will, I will.

I've already got my costumes lined up and such. Err... I dunno. I'm not too sure what day the SC General Meeting for July is. It'll be a Sunday, that much is obvious. Once Carlos or I know. We'll let you all know.

#11 lilithfire on 12 years ago

Always set for the weekends so just let me know when its going to be. The theme is really interesting, and hopefully wont require me to do a costume that will make me self-combust in the heat of the summer.

#12 BiZ on 12 years ago

Hm. Sounds like a most perfect theme for Axel~I do wonder if anyone has an Organization coat I can borrow for the day--I'll fry like an egg, but such is the price of a nice photo. ;3

As for location, might I suggest Seward Park? Closer to Renton/Seattle outskirts and not exactly a beach, but a lake-like setting that isn't usually over-crowded. There are plenty of sand banks and warped climbing trees; there's a large field, some docks, forested areas, empty roads, and little back areas to explore. We would need to be wary of Seafair activities, but, other than that, it's a large place and there's always some free space somewhere.

If Seward Park doesn't work, I know of another large lake area with similar features and even more sandy-areas and forest trails, but I would need to speak with my aunt to find the exact name and location. Or we could always go to the gardens outside Woodland Park Zoo. x3

#13 Perzephone on 12 years ago

oh oh I like Biz's Idea cus omg Seward park is like half amile away from my house WOOTS!

#14 BiZ on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=Perzephone;2484699]oh oh I like Biz's Idea cus omg Seward park is like half amile away from my house WOOTS![/QUOTE]
S'just around the corner from my cousin's home. We can hella toddle back to someone's house and have snacks. x3

#15 keropan on 12 years ago

OH HAY, Seward Park gets a thumbs-up from me! It's like a 15 minute drive away fufufu~

Damn, why didn't I think of it earlier? Haha XD

But yeah, Seward Park is HUEG LIEK XBOX; so many potential places for photo ops. Gorgeous, too. Eep, now I'm thinking about bringing another costume! XD

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