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#1 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

Webiste: [url][/url]


Products in Use:

Experience: When I first discovered Solution-lens I was shocked by their great offers:
- Free worldwide shipping
- Buy 2 get 1 free
- Buy 5 get 2 free
- Buy 10 get 5 free
- Free lens case on any order
- 3 days Express delivery if you buy 5 pairs or more
I don't know any site that has such great offers! Most of their lenes are priced 19.90 USD, but crazy lenses are a little bit more expencive. I almost tought the offers were too good to be true, but decided to order anyway. I bought two lenses, and got to pick a third lense for free. Payment is trough pay pal or credit card, I used pay pal and it was verry quick and easy. My lenses arrived a little less than two weeks after payment.
Lately I have been asking them some questions about their lenses by e-mail and they always answer quickly.

- Great offers!!
- Great customer scervice
- Reliable
- Cheap
- Fast and free worldwide shipping
I must say that solution-lens is my favorite online lens store and I wish to buy all my lenses from them from now on.

- Limited color section
There are some colors I'm missing, like yellow/gold and orange. They have some yellow/golden lenses, but not in the design I want.

Overall Rating: 0-10 (0 is poor, 10 is excellent)
I will have to give a score of 9.5, which is great! If they had some more yellow or orange lenses I would give them a score of 10!

#2 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

I'm gald it was usefull!

#3 cosmeticlover on 6 years ago

Hello and thank you also, I really love this shop. Do you review many other lenses or shops ?

#4 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

I'm glad to hear that there are more solution-lens fans! I haven't bought lenses from many other shops, but I will be doing reviews on some lenses (2 red ones, pink, brown and yellow) and also wigs. Is there any special reviews you are looking for?

#5 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

A friend of mine bought the yellow cat eye lenses for a halloween costume, and the pupil-hole is really small, you can only see the color of your eyes if you have really bright light pointed right at your eye(which make your pupil really tiny). But the only problem though, is that the lenses turn sideways, which makes you look like a goat instead of a cat.. But I don't think it's possible to find lenses that does not move in your eye anyway.
As for purple lenses I have no clue..
I would suggest [URL=""]these[/URL] red ones. They have a natural yet really strong look and the color shows up really good, even on dark eyes.

#6 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

Yeah, I'll just have to ask her if it is alright to post her picture first. Would you like to see the red ones, too?

#7 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

I'm sorry the pictures are so small, but it was the best I could find since I had to take them from facebook.. [URL=""]cat eye lenses[/URL] and [URL=""]red lenses[/URL] But as you can see both lenses have vibrant colors and small pupil hole, so they look quite natural on both light and dark eyes ^^ Hope this helps!

#8 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

haha, I'm glad :3 I think the cat eye lenses will look amazing for your Orochimaru cosplay!

You get one free lense case per order (not per pair of lenses, but per order), but lens solution you have to buy seperate. Opti free replenish is the best (and cheapest) lens solution, imo. And you can buy lens cases from ebay for less than 2 dollars.

#9 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

haha, glad to be of help ;D

#10 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

Aw, yeah, they are verry nice :D I did not know that they gave out free lens cases for every pair of lens though. They did not do that when I ordered(but that was quite a while ago..). But I just wished they would get some yellow/orange/golden lenses.. I don't want to order from another website xD

#11 cosmeticlover on 6 years ago

Yes I bought 3 times from them now and they are very very nice customer service !!!

Last time I said that I didn't like 1 pair that I got and they replied me that because I bought a lot and they want me to be happy they will offer me 1 more pair next time I will order !!!

Never seen this anywhere else !!!

#12 Nyamo-Chan on 6 years ago

Thank you for posting this ^^ its very useful,recently after seeing this review bought some green circle lenses from them for my grell cosplay and they are great :) thank chu for posting this~
definitely buying my lenses from them next time.

#13 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

I'm sorry for forsaking this thread.. But I bought 3 new pairs of lenses from them a few months back. I'll try to make a review of them soon! I bought 1 pair of brown lenses, 1 pair of red and 1 pair of orange-ish brown ones : )

#14 Black.Cat-Chan on 6 years ago

I was wondering how quick the shipping on three pair of lenses usually is for this company? They say a few days, but they ARE in Belgium. Really as long as its under 20 days or so I'm happy, but just wanted to ask.

#15 Rirukuo on 6 years ago

I live in Norway, and it takes about two weeks for me to get them^^