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#1 ares777 on 6 years ago

Hello! I have never cosplayed or crossplayed before. My favorite characters have always been female for some reason. I guess I identify with more often than the more violent male characters. I know it might be impossible to know for sure what crossplay I should start with but just making suggestions at all will benefit me so much! I will have a seemstress make the costume so the outfit should be fine. The question is whether or not I can nail the likeness. I am quite nervous but it's been on my mind for 5 years! Here is a list of some of my options:
1. Princess Ashe from FF12
2. Jo from Burst Angel
3. Shiki from TWEWY
4. Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark Zero (camo outfit)
5. Yuna from FFX2 (Gunner)
6. Elika from Prince of Persia
7. Sonya from Mortal Kombat

What do you think? I'm built very petite for a guy and very toned and am 6 foot even. I'm pretty sure all of you would know best. I'm planning on going to A-Kon in Dallas in June so I have some time. Thank you all for reading; I just look to finally join in on all the fun you all have been having! :)