Pirates Of The Carribbean Cosplay

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#1 Runi-Chan on 12 years ago

I'm wondering if I can find any decent reference pictures of 'Disguise' Elizabeth from "Dead Man's Chest", because I'm planning to make that costume fairly soon. I know the chances of finding many pictures are slim, since the movie just came out TODAY. (July 7). I've googled it, and gotten either no response, or a bajillion pictures.

Does anyone happen to have any pictures, or want/need any help on PotC costumes?

#2 Sirea on 12 years ago

I'd wait at least a week or so for people to get their hands on bootlegged versions of it. xD

but omg wasn't it amazing? >.>

#3 George duel on 12 years ago


#4 Gogglegirl on 12 years ago

I really like that outfit too~!!! And I HATE Kira Knightly (its a loooong story why...so dont' ask) too~! I think i want to add that to my planned cosplay stuff too. ^^

#5 rei_hino on 12 years ago

I loved it soo much^^ I'd love to do a Elizabeth Swan Cosplay but I'm sort of scared that I couldn't find a hat...any sites for Pirate hats would be nice^^

#6 AshleyV on 12 years ago

I've already made that outfit minus the hat and coat which will be made to wear in colder weather. I have about 3 different reference pictures on my computer. What I couldn't figure out with the pictures and watching clips online I refered to the action figure.


If anyone needs any help with that outfit, let me know. I do not have pattern numbers since I made the patterns using my computer project; however, I can help find ones that will work.

#7 George duel on 12 years ago


#8 xfkirsten on 12 years ago

Hee! Just started that one today myself! I found a lot of hi-res images at [URL="http://filmforce.ign.com/objects/570/570328.html"]IGN[/URL]. The only part I'm really having trouble with is finding good pics of the back of the red vest.

#9 Meng Xiaojie on 12 years ago

*saw Dead Man's Chest, freaked out, immediately decided to crossplay Jack Sparrow*


#10 Sonsko-chan on 12 years ago

I want to do that exact costume, but there's no room in my list of cosplays to make! T-T

Also, my mom and I have decided we want my older brother to cosplay Captain Jack, so due to the movie, that wouldn't work out so very well.

It. Was. Amazing.

#11 xfkirsten on 12 years ago

BTW, one of the vests in the Simplicity 4923 pattern is easily modified into the vest. Ditto for the shirt. :)

#12 BlackLion on 12 years ago

I'm currently working on the hardest one! haha!!

I'm cosplaying as Davey Jones!!!

I'm working with little motors to get the tentacles on his face to move. If it works i'm sure to win any contest!!

I'm estimating it will take me about a year to do. I'll post pics of the progress soon.

#13 Lady Skywalker on 12 years ago

A bunch of my friends and I went to the midnight primier all dressed as pirates! it was sooo much fun!
here's a pic: [url]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e155/Beastchild13/pirates.jpg[/url]

#14 Runi-Chan on 12 years ago


If that turns out, it will be made of win; I suggest doing a lot of research, and writing to makeup experts who deal in prosthetics- they can give you a lot of advice, since you're going to be dealing with the actual face, rather than the CG of the movie.

Wow, so many people interested in POTC cosplay....^.^ Sweet.

#15 Cora on 12 years ago

Actually I had the same idea (Elizabeth Swann pirate costume) as soon as I left the theatre XD I'd love to do it for Halloween, but I'm studying in Japan this fall ><

The previous post about hats has great ones, but they're horribly expensive ($100 for the one that looks most accurate @[email protected]). Does anyone have any other suggestions?