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#1 kanghead on 9 years ago

So I'm in Korea right now (i'm korean), and I thought that i might take the opportunity to take advantage of some of they cosplay stuff they have here (even though it's not as much as I'd hoped.)

I stumbled upon a site called Hellowshop.
Has anyone ordered from here?
How is it?
Know any other stores?

#2 hunj on 9 years ago

You should definitely check out 동대문 (Dongdaemun), it's basically a huge fabric market.

If you're talking about the costume itself, check out cosplay communities like [URL="http://cafe.naver.com/moolpas"]Moolpas[/URL], there's a lot of stuff being sold/bought.

Hope you find a good one~

#3 kanghead on 9 years ago

I've been asking my parents to take me to Dongdaemun but they're too lazy to take me anywhere besides places with family. D:

#4 umister on 9 years ago

Dongdemun is *amazing*, but I was pretty overwhelmed when I went there. There's also a great wig store in Doota (Doosan Tower, I think) on the 5th floor, called hair heaven.
I've heard there's a store around somewhere that sells and rents complete costumes, but I don't know where exactly it is.

And the subway system here rocks, I love how logically it's laid out. Just go by yourself!

#5 GHprime on 9 years ago

i tried hellowshop. i bought a ba-ram silver wig and a couple of other stuffs. the quality is great its just that shipping the things to america takes a huge chunk out of ur wallet :/

#6 Yangyugi on 9 years ago

[url]http://sopoommall.co.kr/[/url] is such a great online market for Japanese style cosplaying.

here's an example;



#7 AkitoKitty on 9 years ago

Does anyone else know any good online korean shops?

#8 xojeyxo on 8 years ago

well I actually went to Hellowshop.. XD I rented a costume for Halloween..
the people there were really nice.. and it seemed like a lot of people were there
to like pick up their costumes and such...
it seemed like they knew what they were doing.. and such..
and also I get to touch some of the costumes... and most of them were high quality..
at least the ones I've touched.. X3 not sure about the others..

so I highly recommend that site.. XD it's decent.. although I'm in search for some better sites.. I'll let u know if I find any~~ XD

#9 Animangafreak on 8 years ago

okay, I have a question. Anyone know any korean online sites in english? Cosplaying or not, I need to order things and can't have it shipped from the US, takes too long... and the shipping kills.

#10 toast_genius on 8 years ago

Hey, is that hellowshop located in Seoul? Can you get the address. I am still trying to figure out if it is or not.

#11 p:ride on 8 years ago


I'm currently in korea and wanted to ask, if anybody knows a online shop, that sells some "TERA Online" Costumes in very good quality? It seems to be a pretty famous computer game ^^

Any ideas?

#12 sakuraghurl on 6 years ago

Can you give me the map to the hellowshop? i want to buy cosplay items here :) i live near seoul station

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