In the Name of Zero, I order you~! Code Geass 2010

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#1 konataFTW on 11 years ago

----Attendee count: 60!----

Knight of Infinity


[Black Knights]

Zero/Lelouch: koreanking, Silent J, Lady Ashley's, d man n, RyuSan777
C.C.: waffle-lover26?, Rukia-Hitachiin?*Lolita or R2*, Silent J's, Crystalike, Lady Ashley's, d man n's
Kallen Kouzuki: kannazuki's*prisoner*, EeveeGirl101?, Houkiboshi-chan's, [cateyedprincess], Lady Ashley's, d man n's
Kaguya Sumeragi: kannazuki (dress ver.), raven-die?, justkiwi, hikari_midorichan

[Knights of Rounds]
Anya Alstreim: [Rukia-Hitachiin]?, EeveeGirl101's, Houkiboshi-chan's, kim-tram
Suzaku Kururugi: EeveeGirl101's, Lady Ashley's, d man n's, ♪ A K I R A ♪

[Holy Britannian Empire]

(Imperial Family)
Schneizel el Britannia: Lady Ashley's
Cornelia li Britannia: [Rogue-Ayanami], KuroiAnzu
Euphemia li Britannia: Ellaine, auroramarija
Emperor Lelouch: Mojo, Rukazu3
Empress C.C.: Houkiboshi-chan
Nunnally vi Britannia: waffle-lover26?, Mi Feng

(Imperial Army)
Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Zero: Knight of Infinity, Houkiboshi-chan's
Jeremiah Gottwald: Lordsnow
Viletta Nu: Milai_Sapphire, Breepants

V.V.: electrocute?
Lloyd Asplund: Lady Ashley's
Kanon Maldini: Lady Ashley's

[Chinese Federation]
Empress Tianzi: electrocute?, Houkiboshi-chan's, Miasmatte (wedding dress), udonoodle
Li Xingke: bebop

[Ashford Academy]
Lelouch Lamperouge: d man n, HeeroYuy135, udonoodle's
Nunnally Lamperouge: Azuru
Rolo Lamperouge: Lady Ashley's, kannazuki's, DemyxIXNobody
Suzaku Kururugi: iKuraudo
Kallen Stadtfeld: EeveeGirl101?
Shirley Fenette: raven-die
Sayoko Shinozaki: Azuru's

Legend: *=Variant, [maybe], ?=or

Photo Order
Group picture in the beginning
Black Knights
Brittanian Empire
Chinese Federation
Ashford Academy
Knights of the Round
One character shots (like all C.C.s, all Lelouchs, etc.)
Scene reenactments
One last group pic

#2 on 11 years ago

LOL. Dang you are early. XD

#3 konataFTW on 11 years ago

nah just planned since some were doing so as well XD

(besides geass crew in fanime forums are ok with it ._.) XD

#4 Silent J on 11 years ago

Zero/Lelouch*(R2) and C.C.*(R2).

Also, I noticed you were looking for pictures of you as Nunnally and I found one in this youtube video:

The last photo is the one with you (and I)
Sorry that it's only one photo and I asked for a digital copy, so hopefully I'll get one~

#5 Silent J on 11 years ago

Lelouch (R2)* and C.C. (R2)*

Also I saw that you were looking for pictures of you and I found one:

It's the last picture from 3:28-3:32

I left a comment asking for a digital copy so hopefully I'll get it~

Note: I was that Lelouch/Zero. I'm still looking for pictures of the other group members pulling my arms and legs ;~.~

#6 konataFTW on 11 years ago

Yay... and got that!

#7 Lordsnow on 11 years ago


#8 konataFTW on 11 years ago

updated^^;;; (gosh I forgot >.<)

#9 Crystalike on 11 years ago

Black Knights C.C. will be there. =3

#10 konataFTW on 11 years ago

added :D

#11 Mikka☆ on 11 years ago

Yayyyyy! Code Luff! <33
I'll be going next year! =D So I'll be there in my Empress C.C. outfit hopefully~ I'll be with my Kallen, Anya, KOZ Suzu and Tianzi~~ =DD

#12 kim-tram on 11 years ago

[B]i'm planning to go to fanime next year
it'll be my first time >>> so exciting >.<
might go as tianzi ^^[/B]

#13 konataFTW on 11 years ago

@Houkiboushi-chan and kim-tram

YEAAAAAAAAAH~!!! It'll be niceeeeeeee for you guys to come =D sooo exciting :D~!! Added^^

(oooh I haven't updated the list yet...)

#14 konataFTW on 10 years ago

ah well me and a friend practically hosted it this year as well.. because the person in charge never showed up? :x

concerning the CLAMP Gathering, unfortunately I think I will be seperating it this year... I need Geass to be on a Saturday because I saw LOTS of Geass cosplays on a Saturday this year u_u but this year there were Geass cosplays at the CLAMP Gathering because the gatherings/chess game were aligned in one day but there will probably be Geass cosplays there again next year XD

#15 Crystalike on 10 years ago

but but you forgot me on the list! XD