Anime Dreams!

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#16 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

ok lately I've had a bunch of random characters from Kaori Yuki manga popping into my dreams.

The other night I dreamt that Ludwig from Ludwig Kakumei was trying to hit on me while I was taking a history test. Then Wilhelm tried to get him to leave me alone wound up having to drag him out of the classroom. They followed me around school for the rest of the day and Lui kept trying to shove Wilhelm in a locker XD

#17 Angelic_Trancy on 6 years ago

i had a very weird and confusing one the other night. it was me, maka, and soul and at first we were at the DWMA in class, well soul and I sat next to each other and we were silently passing notes to one another and so evidently it made maka mad so she 'maka chopped' me which was funny cause i sat there just laughing , then that part ended and we ended up in a mansion, and the people there take little kids so we were trying to save them because one of them was my 3yr old sister (i don't even have a 3yr old sister) but we had got caught and thrown into a bedroom, soul and maka were rambling on about how we should just knock them all out and save the kids, while i was searching the room for anything, lucky enough there was a door in the closet that lead to an underground chamber ( when i saw the door i instantly thought this dream was gonna go to Narnia) well when we got down there, there were some guards down there waiting for us, of course my meister wasn't here for some reason, but i was extremely good at fighting so maka and should fought and i fought, and at the end we saved the children and went back to the school just for maka to hit me some more -___-

#18 daggdag on 6 years ago

I've had a few dreams......I watched Lucky Star and dreamed that me and my friends were all dressed in cheerleader outfits, and performing the dance they do in the anime. My friends and I are all guys, hence why it was weird.

I also had a dream where Mina from Dance In the Vampire Bund was naked in my bed. I figure it was caused by seeing her half naked in Akira's bed every episode of the anime.

#19 VocaloidOtaku on 6 years ago

Oddly enough, I just recently had a dream two nights ago. Amaimon(my favorite Blue Exorcist character besides Rin) had just got into his car and I walked up and started hugging him. *O* He hugged me back! We hugged for like 5 minutes. IT WAS AWESOME! He was so skinny! It was so realistic! Then I got woken up. -.-

The next night, I had a dream that Izaya Orihara(Favorite DRRR!! character) was dancing with me, then he got all rude and kept making fun of me and I couldn't stop laughing. Then he started dancing with a big fairy and I got jealous and pushed her out of the way and started dancing with him again. ^.^

I've only been having Anime related dreams since I hurt my neck really bad. I hope it hurts for a long time. Those dreams are definitely worth it! xD

#20 Quinn the Shiki on 6 years ago

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting in a restaurant with my family, waiting for the buzzer that tells you your table is ready to go off. All of a sudden, Jan Valentine from Hellsing walked, and took my favorite pen out of my hands. I was eating a bagel too and I just said "Geez, are you gonna take my bagel too?!" and then he ate my bagel. I asked if I could have my pen back since it was my favorite and he said no. I responded with "Well joke's on you, I hate that pen and now I'm free of it!" and then he threw my pen back at me and walked away.

I have no idea why I was eating a bagel if I was in a restaurant or what Jan Valentine would want with my pen, but I think I've learned that it's a bad idea to watch Hellsing abridged before going to bed.