DanganRonpa/Sdr2 Meet up!

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#1 despair on 5 years ago

Hey, on Saturday my group of friends and I will be in a fairly large Dangan Ronpa group (about 8 of us) and I thought it would be pretty cool to meet up any other fans! This will most likely be held upstairs near the doors to the balcony at 2pm, however the time and place can change depending on what works best for others!!

If you'd like to meet up lemme know so I know how large of a group to expect and if the location needs to be changed !!

#2 hikikomori13 on 5 years ago

Hello there! I'm 140% down for this. In fact, if you're in the Nekocon group on facebook, click this link

Just spreading it to the group to see if we can get more people in the works.
Thank You Very Much!

#3 despair on 5 years ago

Ooooh Alright! I know you from homestuck cosplay a few yr backs, I sent ya a request to you can add me to the group !! Thanks for help spreadin it my friend

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