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#1 Tallakahath on 6 years ago

Hi all,

This is going to be my first NYCC; AX is my usual haunt. Anyway, considering the number of GoT cosplayers I saw at AX, I can only even begin to imagine how many will be at NYCC. Is it worth organizing a gathering? Who will be going, and as whom, on which days?

In my group (friday and/or saturday) will be:

Melisandre (myself)
Jon Snow

With a good chance of also having:
Olenna Tyrell
Tywin Lannister

Who else?

#2 riathewolf on 6 years ago

This will also be my first NYCC :)

I'll be bringing my Lyanna Stark cosplay along with me. If there's a gathering I'd love to attend.

#3 Thia Fayne on 6 years ago

I'm planning to bring my Margaery costume! Don't know what days I'll be wearing anything yet but it'd be awesome to get a gathering together.

#4 Tallakahath on 6 years ago

So, some of my group members couldn't get the 3-day tickets and so only got saturday tickets. I'm thinking then of organizing the meet on Saturday, unless thats a really bad idea?

I've never organized a meet up before, nor have I been to NYCC, so... more experienced opinions welcome! Should we do photos on-site (the JJ center isn't particularly... GoT-esque IIRC), or maybe plan on heading elsewhere once we gather? Unfortunately, some of the 'best' places I can think of for shoots would be too far uptown. Considering that there's that huge, stupid hill to go up to get out of the JJ center to any subway line, and some people will be in very awkward costumes, I'd rather avoid dragging them too far.


#5 Thia Fayne on 6 years ago

Yeah, it's definitely best to keep gatherings to the con area, though you're right that the location isn't great for the series.

I'm not super good at finding my way around NYCC despite having been there multiple times, but a common meetup spot for cosplay gatherings is the statue of Jacob Javits in the lobby.

Saturday should be fine, though!

#6 riathewolf on 5 years ago

Saturday works for me as well. I was planning on wearing it that day anyway. :)

#7 iiWest on 5 years ago

Wow :) awesome! I plan on being KHALEESI - chan desu desu! haha and my friend will be Margery.

I'll be the Dany from when she's nomming on a horse heart? Sound hawt?

I am hardly on this site so if whoever is going to organize this can just message me on my facebook that would be great! I'd hate to miss out!


#8 Tallakahath on 5 years ago

Its getting really close to the day!

Still not sure on location but until further notice time/place is:

1:30 PM, SATURDAY, 10/12/13 @ Jacob Javits Statue in the Lobby

Hope to see you all and others!

#9 E_Bobbum_Man on 5 years ago

Both Saturday and Sunday I'll be going as the Hound, and my dad will be with me as a Clegane man-at-arms. Saturday would work best for me.

#10 Tallakahath on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=E_Bobbum_Man;4770052]Both Saturday and Sunday I'll be going as the Hound, and my dad will be with me as a Clegane man-at-arms. Saturday would work best for me.[/QUOTE]

You don't know much it joys me to know someone else is also cosplaying with a parental unit. I hope to see you there!

#11 Tallakahath on 5 years ago

Hi all,

The LOCATION has been moved since apparently the Statue is no longer in an accessible location.

We will be meeting at the HAMILTON NEWS KIOSK on the THIRD FLOOR on SATURDAY at ONE THIRTY PM.

See ya'll there.

#12 Tallakahath on 5 years ago

LOCATION HAS CHANGED AGAIN since the news stand we were talking about is inside the 'you are exiting NYCC zone'.


Time is still 1:30 PM.