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#1 Akahime on 6 years ago

Anyone excited for the game to come out? :D (I'm totally excited to see what the new characters are like)

Anyone planning to cosplay from the 8th? Because I know I am! Hopefully I'll be able to make Zhang Chunhua by the beginning of 2014! :33

#2 Melanie on 6 years ago

I'm currently working on Ma Chao's 8 version. :)

#3 Akahime on 6 years ago

:D That's freaking awesome!

(I forgot that I had preordered the game so I now own the game since yesterday... have yet to play it... but at least my siblings are. 8D)

#4 Melanie on 6 years ago

Argh, I pre-ordered the game online! And now, it's everywhere in-store, and I'm sitting here like an idiot waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

#5 Akahime on 6 years ago

0,O omg. that's no fun!! Has it arrived yet? Dx I just preordered via Gamestop and they just texted me the day before to pick it up, so I went right after work the next day. xP

#6 Irarenovo on 6 years ago

I havent gotten the game yet.. but the costumes are AWESOME!! :D is there an art book out for it yet?

#7 Rangiku12 on 6 years ago

Here's full body pictures of the characters [url]http://www.creativeuncut.com/art_dynasty-warriors-8_a.html[/url]

I love Dynasty Warriors and have yet decided on a cosplay to do from this game and the past ones but Xiao Qiao is my favorite!

#8 Melanie on 6 years ago

Yay! My game FINALLY arrived yesterday. But, I have to admit, I'm not impressed. :( It's not as smooth as 7, both in texture and gameplay.

[QUOTE=Irarenovo;4728012]I havent gotten the game yet.. but the costumes are AWESOME!! :D is there an art book out for it yet?[/QUOTE]
There's the artbook with the paintings that came with the Treasure Box, and there's two Data Books (one is for Shu, Jin and Other, and the second volume is for Wei and Wu). However, the Data Books are rather crap this installment... they're printed really dark, making the details really hard to see.

[QUOTE=Rangiku12;4728059]I love Dynasty Warriors and have yet decided on a cosplay to do from this game and the past ones but Xiao Qiao is my favorite![/QUOTE]
I can't wait to see what you decide on! Personally, I like her 3 and 4 versions... later than that, they just went overboard with the cute, I think. XD

#9 sooyong on 6 years ago

I hope to get started on Zhu Rong once I get back to Japan in a few weeks! I've been planning since her costume was revealed ^__^

#10 Akahime on 6 years ago

; w; This makes me so happy to see more DW fans/cosplayers. I found only like one cosplayer and big fan of Koei from my state. xP Anyways, it's great to see a couple are planning their cosplays! :D

#11 Eat More Rice on 6 years ago

D: I'm overseas right now so I haven't been able to even look at the game yet, but I've cosplayed Guan Yinping earlier this year--which I'll be remaking--and am working/looking into Bao Sanniang.

#12 kuro-nee on 6 years ago

I fell in love with Zhang Chun Hua's character ever since I saw my little sister play it. I'm a Wu girl and she's a Jin girl so I let her play first. =p

Anyway, I am le amused how the family dynamics changed with Chunhua in the group. Love her to bits! I'm hoping to be able to cosplay her but the costume is so much more revealing than what I'm used to. >_

#13 Akahime on 6 years ago

@Eat more rice:
:D Hahaha, that's awesome though! I cosplayed a character even before the game came out itself! And Yinping is so cuteeee! <33

Chun Hua is freaking awesome! I fell in love with her even more when I heard she would be getting Sima Yi DW5's weapon. I was pretty psyched because I was one of the very rare who actually enjoyed the weapon. 8D HAHAHA.

But so true, Chun Hua's outfit is a bit more revealing what I'm used to, but I'm going to give her a try anyways. I love her relationships with her family, it made it even more interesting. Haha!

#14 Irarenovo on 5 years ago

I played most of the females.. leaning toward wang yi for cosplay, but I will probably not start until december-ish so by then maybe there will be some new costumes, or new color combos. I am liking her armor and the skirt in the back

chunhua is crazy cool tho, I'm loving playing thru the Jin family's story- the ladies definately rule that house with an iron fist. seeing her interact with yuanji is really fun [cosplayed her a year or so ago<3 ]

i was thinking about cosplaying xing cai.. but after playing her in game, decided against it... something to do with a chick mooning you all day -.- I think the designers forgot her pants. Maybe it was like that in 7 too, but never noticed :\

#15 ZeRO-LESS- on 5 years ago

^ LOL I know, right?

Sorry to necro a thread, but I was wondering if anyone has found scans from the art book of Ling Tong? Or if someone has the book and is willing to scan the pages for me...? $100 for the Treasure Box w/o the game 'ain't cool yo.

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