sculpting my little pony ears

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#1 killaudio23 on 5 years ago

Hey guys, I am looking to make a super simple Pinkie pie costume, so I can wear it to work and its my first costume ive ever made so im staying simple hah.

my question is what would you suggest to use as a base to sculp the ears? i plan on paper mache in them because i figured it would be cheap and easiest way for me to make them.

any input and suggestions are greatly appreciated . thanks :)

#2 ShinobiXikyu on 5 years ago

Felt is cheap and easy- basically take a sheet and cut into the preferred size of triangle (double it up if you want, your preference), bring the bottom ends together into the ear shape, and stitch shut and onto the wig or onto a hairband or clips. The ears for the Twilight Sparkle costume in my avatar were made that way.

#3 Esmenet on 5 years ago

I second using felt, however it is possible to sculpt them with Model Magic, just be careful because they can get really heavy.

#4 Kahluah on 5 years ago

For something super simple, I too would say felt.

But I personally made mine out of a block of balsa wood I sanded down. It took me a day to make two sets of ears and a unicorn horn.

#5 reeni615 on 5 years ago

I was making ears for halloween and decided to keep it easy and made it out of Foam!

I have a video tutorial of it here: [url][/url]