NY Comic Con 2013 - Assistance needed!

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#1 JasonRed3 on 6 years ago

Hello all,

We have a new character costume that we're looking to have created, but we haven't been satisfied with what we've been getting back so far... so I've decided to reach out to you, the community.

We need a costume with some built-in special effects (LED's/etc.) to be used at NYCC this year. The wearer will need it to last all four days.

If you're interested in this, please let me know (or direct me to the right place).

We are willing to promote your work in our booth and pay you for your work.

Note that this character will be photo-close, so attention to detail is critical.

Thank you!

#2 SweeneyTodd on 6 years ago

Have you tried asking people on TheRPF (Replica Prop Forum)? I'm sure someone there will be able to help you.

#3 JasonRed3 on 6 years ago

No, thank you... I will check it out.

I think we're a little burned out on "professionals" as they charge too much and their quality isn't nearly as good as the cosplay community... so that's why I came here.

Thanks again!

#4 Aurora Maryte on 6 years ago

Do you have reference photos of the costume? Before I could say yes or no, I'd need to see it. I'm sure anyone else would feel the same. You can message me if you don't want the design out there in case you're worried about people stealing it or something.

#5 JasonRed3 on 6 years ago

PM sent. In the meantime, others can check out: [url]www.reinventingfilms.com[/url]

The character is Prey, and images can be found under the Prey project.

For those who are interested, Tyler Mane will be playing the title role in the upcoming feature, and he'll be appearing at our booth at NYCC!

#6 JasonRed3 on 6 years ago


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